Tuesday, April 22, 2014


So many folks so into sports.  I never have been truly big on sports.  I never played any team sports, except in gym or unorganized among friends.  Never had any desire too.  Well, except for a few years when I was a young girl and adolescent, I'd thought I'd love to play football.  I watched whole games with Daddy from 7 years old until his death. 

Actual sports learned:  softball, kickball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard, Frisbee, horse basketball.  But the thing that clicked with me was swimming.  I was about 7 or 8 and a friend of my older sisters was giving lessons in her parents pool.  (Very few people had pools then.)  She taught me several strokes and to dive.  I never got to go to the water often enough.  Until I hit junior high and high school.   Our town had a pool ran by a family where you could go and swim all afternoon for a buck.  I was there just as often as possible.

While I was at college I was at the pool just about every day, even when I wasn't actually taking it as a class.  How wonderful to be able to earn college credit swimming!  

After college, swimming was just something I did when it was available. I joined a spa that had a pool, half for the pool and half to work out to strengthen a knee that didn't want to work right. (I was clipped once in a game of flag football by an all state tackle.)

For years, we talked about a pool, but never did anything about it.  Pools were so high then.  And we were on metered water.  So, I just swam all I could every time we went to the river or Bush Lake.

When Bug was young, a friend of Pete's gave us his girls old pool.  It was small, but deep enough I was able to teach her to swim in that pool.  We enjoyed it a lot together.  Watched meteor showers in that pool.

Last summer Pete got a wild hair to get a pool.  He saw that pools big enough to truly enjoy and swim in had come way down in price.  So we got it.  And set it up with a Saltwater system.  We love it!!  A little investment at the first of the summer and no more chemicals all year.  A new filter now and then is all it needs.  He said he wanted it in hopes it would ease some of his aches and pains to get in and float.
And he thought it would be fun with the family and little Hazil Ruth.  But I think he did it as much for me as anything.  At least that's what I'm going to allow myself to believe. 

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