Saturday, April 19, 2014


Sometimes I will look at something, or see something and get a take on it that is, well, questionable.  Case in point:

I drive back and forth on Hwy 96 every day.  They have a couple of those large signs mounted along the way.  The ones were TXDOT issues traffic warnings.  Where the DPS issues warnings.  Where they run amber alerts for the area.  

Sometimes they run one that says something like, "Missing Elderly, last seen driving a Beige Buick Sedan near Beesville, TX."  One week it seemed every other day there was a new search for a different elderly individual.  And here's the questionable path my brain went on.

Who is keeping all of these elderly people against their will?! Are we in some old si-fi flick where the elderly are kept as slaves to cook for you or sit the children?  Are they locked away in basements?  Do they have to have junior's permission to go out?  

I thought of one couple.  That maybe all they wanted was one more outing.  Just the two of them.  Free!  Able to go dine and eat what they wanted, not what was good for them.  Free!  To go to a bar together and have a drink.  To twirl around a dance floor.  Then drive away afterward, her little blue head resting on his shoulder like it did when they dated 60+ years before.  Him, taking the hint and driving down a secluded lane so they could "make out" under the stars.  Only to have a police cruiser pull in behind and taking them away to be locked up once again.  Him saying, "It's okay, Alice.  We'll always have tonight."  And her, "Yes, thank you, Harry, for making me feel young just once more."

Disclaimer:  Yes, I know demintia is a very real concern.  I also know that most children want the best for their parents.  So, don't bark at me.  My mind just wandered down the Twilight Zone, that's all. 


  1. I could so see that happening. I know quite a lot of seniors that still have all their facilities.
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    1. Thank you for your understanding and your comment, Cindy. And for visiting Caneyhead.

  2. Good post. Kids usually want the best for their parents but that isn't always what makes the parent happy. Sometime I think they need to let up a little and let them be happy and dead sooner instead of unhappy and alive longer.

    1. Thank you Paula. Yes there is a point where you wonder if it's really living.


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