Thursday, April 17, 2014


I usually don't eat OUT at lunch for I seldom have anyone to eat with.  And I try to limit the number of times that I go OUT to pick up something for lunch.   It consumes extra time and adds up, even if you're eating on the cheap.  So most days I bring leftovers from home for my lunch at work.  Which is fine with me.  Usually tastes great and there's no hassle.

But today, I forgot my plate of leftovers.  And I was too hungry to try to just snack from the machine for a lunch.  While considering my options, I thought, why not get some Mexican food from Elena's.  After all, they have a reasonably priced lunch menu.  Talked one of my co-workers into ordering, too.  

I went to pick up our take OUT order.  Three people stepped up to the cashier, leaving from dinning in, at the same time I got there to get my pick up order.  I allowed them to go first.  The woman paid while the two men went to stand by the door.  The cashier went ahead and took my money and gave me our order while the lady was signing her credit card receipt.

I turned and went to the double glass doors to go OUT.  One of the business men was standing half in front of the door on the left, so I reached for the door on the right and pushed OUT on it.  Nothing happened.  Okay, so I tried pulling it open.  Nada.  So, maybe they only open up one.  I put my hand on the door the man is half in front of and gave it a tug.  Nothing.  Okay, so it's an OUTIE.  I push and it swings open and I step outside.  

Meanwhile the woman had joined the men and they stepped out right behind me.  I overheard the woman say something like "She was having a hard time."  And Mr. Stand in Front of the Door responded "Yeah, I was just standing and watching her."  And he snickered.

Now, I didn't say a word, didn't even acknowledge I heard them at all.  But in my head:  Are you a damn Yankee, man? Seriously!  I'm trying to be polite and go OUT the right side door so you don't have to inconvenience yourself by moving.  You see me having trouble, but instead of being a GENTLEMAN and opening the left door for me, you stand there like a goon and watch me in my distress for your own amusement!  I hope a door hits you in your butt!"


  1. You know it, and I know it. Wonder if that one will ever know it?

  2. Men are rude and have no manners anymore... I blame women's lib... I know I'm an associate at work and I step aside so the customers have the right of way but most of these 'customers' are men, rarely women that I am moving over for... Men..... Sheesh... :)

  3. Suppose again it's the area I'm in. Most of the homegrown variety of men around here still open and hold doors for women, especially if or when they see they have burdens they are carrying or some such thing. This guy was just young, dumb, and rude.


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