Thursday, April 10, 2014


Ideas.  They are strange, elusive things.  They flash into you brain one moment and if you don't grab hold of them and turn them over and examine them, they'll "poof!" and vanish.

At least that's how it seems to me.  Whether its an idea of what to fix for supper, a blog entry I'd like to do, someone to contact or to solve a problem.  An idea not embraced is liable to flit off never to return.  

Sometimes I have totally brilliant ideas and other times I have the half baked variety, that once you stop and inspect them you can see all the air holes, so you toss them out.

I am proud and happy to say that I am the type of person that once I leave work, well, I really leave work.  I leave it there.  I come home and I'm all about us, the house, myself ---anything but work.  Yet, ideas for work, solutions to problems tend to just pop up in two distinct places.

One is on the drive in to or home from work.  There I am, riding along on my 45 minute commute, listening to tunes or praying.  And out of the blue an idea about work will come to me.  And I'll try to distract myself from the song or pause my prayer long enough to hold that idea up to the light and see if it has any  merit.

The other place I get ideas for work is sort of freaky.  And solutions to problems I had with my computer at home have come to me the same way:  I dream the answer!   Whether God smiles down on me and says "You poor, ignorant child! Don't hurt your head, here's the answer."  or whether it is my subconscious screaming at my conscious self "Hey you!  It's plain as the nose on your face.  Here's the answer.  And pay attention!", I do not know.  

I only know I am thankful and happy to have any and all help my poor 50 something brain can attain.

What about you?  Have you ever dreamed a solution to a problem?  Do you bring work home with you?  


  1. Yes, I have had quite a few dreams that answered or told me something. I sometimes get bad feelings about certain situations. In one in particular, I had a very vivid dream that told me to go immediately to check the offender registry for the house next door. I did, and one of the people living there was on the offender registry. I immediately went into Mama Lion mode and kept my kids inside. The landlord of the house next door noticed the change in our family's activities and found out why. He made that tenant move.

    I feel like Heavenly Father gave me that dream so that I could protect our children. I am thankful for the discerning dreams that He gives me.

    Have a great week!

    1. I believe you Suzanne, and I also believe it was from God. I've had several premonisive dreams that would curl your hair. And some waking feelings that proved so true.

  2. I have a big pile of papers from work right here in front of me that I have to sort through before I go to work today... it just helps me get a jump on the work day so I feel more organized when I get there... and I'm lucky to keep two thoughts in my head as I walk down the hall to tell hubby, with both my menopause and the gabapentin I take for a pinched nerve in my neck... :)

    1. Yeah, I think getting older and the big M effects ones train of thought. I know it has mine.

  3. Unfortunately, I do. However, I try to make it the exception and not the rule. It still does not go over too well with the husband because he's now working a job that when he is off work there is no bringing it home with him. I keep hoping things will slow down at work, but it doesn't appear that it will...

    1. I've been forturnate I suppose that I've never had a job that required work be brought home. Maybe because I've never "climbed the ladder" so to speak.


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