Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've never been big on public nudity. You don't need to see mine, and I sure don't want to see yours. As a teen in the 70's I did wear the miniskirt, the short shorts, a mid-drift and a bikini or two. But that's as far as it went. Publicly.

Privately. Went skinny dipping in my sister's pond with my two nieces one summer. Of course the pond was surrounded by trees at that time. Me and some girls went “streaking” through a wooded area one time at a slumber party. Did it count as streaking if no one saw us?

Years fly by. I did bathe in Bush Lake a few times. In the summer, we'd go down after dark with a bar of Ivory soap and bathe in the lake, rather than heating water for the washtub. Just Pete & I.

Then I get old and crazy. We had moved to Caneyhead and there had been a long spell of no rain. I had told Pete that if it rained I'd take my clothes off and dance in it. Sure enough, one day it rained. A nice gentle rain, no thunder or lightening. Pete hollered, “It's raining, you gonna dance?” I stripped, went out the backdoor and danced in the rain. Just for pure joy. No one could see me but Pete and the Good Lord. Don't think they cared.

Then a few years ago, Pete and I slipped off to a friends house one night and skinny dipped in their pool. Just us two. That's before we had our own.

Now that we do have our own, I love to go out at night, wrapped in a towel and slip into ours. Nothing like the night air, the water, the sky in your birthday suit! Thank God we are as secluded as we are.



  1. I used to love to skinny-dip in our pool at night as well....we no longer own a pool. Thanks for the memories

  2. Thank you for visiting Caneyhead. Glad I could stir up some good memories for you.

  3. Great story, happy a to z challenge.

  4. Dancing naked in the rain? How awesome!

  5. Seems to me, being outside is public, not behind closed doors, especially streaking, lol, you crazy wild woman... with all the boys in the house, I'm only naked in the bathroom... Great entry! :)

    1. Well, it you knew the Piney Woods area better and could see the places I'm speaking of here, especially back in that day, you'd see it's as private as being in your house. I believe the streaking was a consequience of playing Truth or Dare. LOL But, then again I don't deny being crazy, or even wild at times.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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