Saturday, April 12, 2014


Knowledge. My poor brain is stuffed full of various and sundry knowledge.

Thanks to TV Shows, Reader's Digest articles, friends and relatives involved in the medical field, college biology, multiple red cross certifications, and a certain level of interest in it, I have an assortment of medical related knowledge in my head. It makes it easier for me to understand what doctors or nurses are trying to say. Helps me to evaluate situations for the need of medical intervention. But also brings consternation when it does my loved ones no good at all.

Mechanical knowledge I gained from my Daddy, my love of cars, and being Pete's helper all these years. Comes in handy when I'm by myself and a vehicle breaks down or starts to run hot or something. I can get a vehicle home in one piece in many situations were others would have ruined the engine trying. Helps me communicate to Pete or Bubba what's going on with a vehicle I'm driving. Helps me know when a shop is suggesting unnecessary items. But I actually don't know enough to fix much of anything myself.

Bookkeeping & computer knowledge. I started posting payroll on a pegboard system. That's where account and ledger pages are layered and held in place by pegs on the edge, and have carbon copying so that what you enter on top posts down to each page correctly. Took a year of Accounting at SFA . I've coded invoices and payables for “data entry” to key into computer systems. And I've also done, and do every day, an incredible amount of data entry. My first “hands on” with a computer was Cobalt based. Been on Windows 95 up to 8.1. Taught myself to do all sorts of things online and had a lot of help with my personal computers from AOL techs. I've done legal papers and reports for everything from car titles to sales tax in Texas. So, I know a whole hodgepodge of accounting and computer “stuff”. I don't know more about any one thing than everyone, but the combination of things I know makes me the person people come to for answers or help, especially at the office.

Music related and music trivia knowledge. Know way too much of that stuff. Thanks to my love of music and years of listening to Casey Kasem's countdowns that he sprinkled with loads of Trivia about the songs and the artists. Because of my parents I know Rudy Vallee to Tex Ritter. I spent years listening to FM rock and Motown, and country music when it was still country music. It's all sloshing around in my head, muddying the waters. Which reminds me of Muddy Waters. This knowledge has no real use except to amuse me and occasionally others.

Bible knowledge. Years in church and Sunday School. Various special studies and classes. Have read the Bible through, several times. From front cover to back cover. By classification: poetry, history, prophecy, chronologically, etc. All of this effects what I believe, my world view, what I allow into my life or don't. And how I think of and treat others.

Growing up with parents that started life in the era of WWI, and being married to a redneck for thirty years, I have a ton of knowledge of how things used to be. Of things, places, people, history, etc. from the past century. All of this plays into how I think. What I value. Where I stand and what I stand for.

It gets aggravating that I can't always access this knowledge in my head at exactly the moment I want it or need it. This vast array also causes me to sometimes seem that I am making great leaps in my thought processes, but if you knew everything I know, you'd see there was a logical line of thought that carried me from one topic to another. Say for example: from the Beach Boys to Al Capone. Doesn't appear to be connected, but in my head: The Beach Boys, they crushed an album that set a studio on fire, Chicago's historic fire, The Night Chicago Died, “daddy was cop..”, gangsters, Al Capone.

See?! I'm not crazy, I just have a dysfunctional search engine in my head.


  1. Just don't throw that ole mainframe out the window! :O)

  2. I'm loving all this info I'm learning about you... Have a Blessed Sunday! :)

    1. Ah, yes, but will you still love me tomorrow?

  3. I enjoyed reading about your collections of knowledge....and how you've put them to use. :-)

    1. Yeah, not sure if any of it is "real" knowledge. But I enjoy knowing it.


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