Friday, May 27, 2005

A Little Leviety

Good day dear friends! God has surely blessed me in this place with the friends who drop by. Pete's first day back at work went well enough. Tuesday we go to the doctor to get results from other tests they ran and see where we go from there. The kids are home from school for the first time today. Bubba is STILL asleep at 11:25am. I can't say much, I went back to bed after I got Pete off to work and slept until 10:00 myself!! Bug was the first one up, around 8:30 I think. She does pretty good on her own. She knows not to go outside. She can operate the video and DVD herself. Fix her own cereal etc. Sometimes she leaves creative mayhem behind. She loves to do all things artsy/crafty. At which her Mom is totally enept. She had an all Excellant report card. Scored in the top 13% on some standardized test the school had given. And was voted Miss Sunshine by her graduating class! Guess she brings joy to the heart of more folks than just her mom.

Yesterday's entry was rather weighty and I thought I would pass along a little leviety I recieved in a Arca Max Joke E-mail. (See link on sidebar.) I am very tempted to do this, as it is a DAILY question at our house! LOL

One afternoon a man came home from work to find total mayhem in his house.

His three children were outside, still in their pajamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn all around the front yard.

The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house.

Proceeding into the entry, he found an even bigger mess.

A lamp had been knocked over, and the throw rug was wadded against one wall.

In the front room the TV was loudly blaring a cartoon channel, and the family room was strewn with toys and various items of clothing.

In the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, breakfast food was spilled on the counter, dog food was spilled on the floor, a broken glass lay under the table, and a small pile of sand was spread by the back door. He quickly headed up the stairs, stepping over toys and more piles of clothes, looking for his wife.

He was worried she may be ill, or that something serious had happened. He found her lounging in the bedroom, still curled in the bed in her pajamas, reading a novel. She looked up at him, smiled, and asked how his day went. He looked at her bewildered and asked, "What happened here today?"

She again smiled and answered, "You know everyday when you come home from work and ask me what in the world did I do today?"

"Yes," was his incredulous reply.

She answered, "Well, today I didn't do it."

And now to announce this day's journal link! She is a Sister in the Lord who hails from Kentucky. She's married to her high school sweetie with a boy and a girl. Many of you probably already know I am speaking of Jess, over at the everyday mundane life of a housewife. For any who haven't met her, she blends humor and warmth in her entries, along with pictures and goings on in her home and life. So stop in and see her!

Today's word on the Word and use of words! Moses had been on the mount receiving the Ten Commandments from the hand of God. "When they came near the camp, Moses saw the calf and the dancing, and in terrible anger threw the tablets to the ground and they lay broken at the foot of the mountains." Exodus 32:19 TLB. He was so angry that these people had so quickly turned from God! Yet, he interceed for them in verses 31 & 32, asking God to forgive them. The smashed tablets meant he had to climb the mountain and receive the law again. Be careful. Be certain. Even righteous anger in men can severe relationships and delay God's plans and blessings. Better to leave the wrath to God......the better part for us is intercession.




  2. HAHA...Love the joke!! SO TRUE!!! :)

    Glad to see you are still doing well..Im finally making my rounds again..LOL...

    Im off to check your friend out..since shes a fellow Kentuckiana girl..LOL..;)



  3. Congratulations to daughter's kindergarten graduation!!!!
    Sounds like summer has started at your house. Won't start here til June 10th when school gets out...
    This doctor sounds like he has husband's best interest at heart and is going to get to the root of his symptons.
    Your joke today is one of my favorites. I've even seen a commercial similiar to it. lol...
    Have a great holiday weekend!!

  4. countrybumkin779May 27, 2005 at 9:44 PM

    aww thank you for featuring me today. lol i hope i don't disappoint the readers you send my way.  sending blessings and love, jess

  5. naturegirlfromnyMay 28, 2005 at 5:30 AM

    Wow, you have been busy!  Sounds like Bug's graduation was interesting.  Sarah didn't graduate yet, just had a concert.  I don't know if they are going to have an actual graduation.  They still have to June 23rd!  I know its hard to worry and pray over someone you love.  It has been torment for me to watch my b/f struggle with his alcoholism and to be helpless and have to deal with the fallout from it.  There is a great Christian song I have heard that says "Lay your burden down".  I have learned to do that with the alcoholism.  Turn hubby over to the Lord and let him deal with him!  I know that sounds trite coming from me, because I know nothing about your feelings etc....  Oh well, ttyl  Linda

  6. Hi friend! hope u are having a great weekend! Congratulations to your daughter. That is awesome! May God continue to bless you and your family. Take care. God bless, Beckie


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