Monday, May 2, 2005

10th Devotion on Marriage

Here's the Devotion on Marriage.  I have to say right now I feel a little hypocritical posting I am so mad at the big hairy ape of a man I married!  But I reckon' these feelings will pass.  And Satan would be delighted if my bad morning kept me from sharing what others may need.  So, with no futher ado:

The apostle Paul had a lot to say about marriage, so we will be settled in Corinthians for several devotions.
Corinth was a Greek city where idol worship abounded. The new believers in Corith had failed to recognize Christ as Lord of their lives, therefore they didn't always act like Christians...thus bringing dishonor upon the name of Christ. Paul was writing to address these problems and correct them thru the fundamental teachings of the faith.

In chapter 7 vs 1-9 Paul addresses how marriage is a tool to keep us from the sex sin he denounced in the later part of chapter 6. Some do not have very strong desires and urges toward sex. They could devote themselves fully to God and with his help never fall prey to sexual temptation. Others (generally most) need that intimate connection in their lives and if they don't get it thru pure means, they will fall prey to impure means to satisfy their longings.

Our bodies are not our own. If we are married, they actually belong to three persons. Us to maintain, control and oversee. Christ to use to His glory. And to our spouse. Your spouse is an equal partner in your own body. So don't dismiss his (or her) needs, longings, advances, etc. casually. We cannot be indifferent or removed! We must be available and accessable for sexaul intimacy. It is quite plainly their God-given right.
And their body for our needs is our God-given right.

Don't shout....yes, feelings and health and time; all those issues should be considered. Later, in another book Paul will point to the high level of consideration we should give to each other.

If you don't see it, don't believe it, you are not arguing with me but with God. Read the verses. He designed us. He designed marriage. Who better to understand what is in our and our marriages' best interest?!

God bless you and your marriage until the next time!

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  1. I agree.. as long as your husband doesn't miss treat that and not ask of you anthing that is out of God's plan and you both agree on what works for you in the bedroom.

    lol and don't worry we all have mornings where we think our man acts like big hairy apes. LMBO  We are allowed to have our feelings.. even be angry.. it is how we deal with those feelings is the test.

  2. Good entry today Barbara, Great job.  I am going to send you a personal letter today. Helen    


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