Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Feuds, Crashes and Supper at the Table

Well, seems I owe this thing a recap.  I'm gonna back up to Friday.  Friday I felt fine to begin with........got a late start, but went out to run errands.  Stopped in a couple of garage sales.  Found a bag full of baby clothes for $1.25.  Onesies and pj's for a baby boy.....we have 3 nieces/nephews expecting right now.  So that will come in handy for someone.  And while I picked up my bloodpressure meds at Wally World, I found Bug a bright striped swimsuit.  But on the way home I got to feeling real sick.  Maybe two days without my meds.  Maybe the hot car (needs air fixed.....but it's a Ford and not a Chevy....so no one here wants to work on it.)  So I think to myself I'll feed the kids corndogs for supper and my old man a plate of leftovers.  Don't always pay to think!  Hubby came home in a MOOD.  Went to bed before 8pm without supper.  And I recieved a VISITOR, if you know what I mean.

Saturday, I get up at 11 am.  (Oh, it felt good to sleep late!)  Bug has a Birthday Party to go to at 2pm.  The first one she's ever been to that wasn't family.  Their gonna have a waterslide, hence the swimsuit.  Pete the bear is just waking up as we leave for the party.  Windy, cloudy and getting cooler all the time!  Bug has a blast for about an hour, then says "Mama, take me home where it is warm!"  Find the guys out in front of the shop working on hubby's truck.  I start making preparations to cook.  Ask if he'd rather have BBQ'd chicken or fried catfish.  "I don't want a @#@%! thing!"  Okay.  I here ya'.  So I boil eggs to make me and bug tuna salade which we love, but no one else will eat.  Send the guys out a plate of eggs, sliced, salted and peppered to snack on.  In my head I am thinking that the man must be going to run off to the camp (likes to go hibernate there in bad weather).  But NO!  He stays home and weed eats up until 9pm or so.  I had him a snack plate made, but he refuses it.  Okay cranky, starve.

By now, I am fully convenced that he got the hormones and pms instead of me this time around!  Thought about putting HIM in a garage sale......cheap!  Sunday AM, me and Bubba are up and getting ready for SS and Church.  Bug is whining andsaying she doesn't feel well.  I don't really believe it.  But I decide to leave her at home and then give her a dose of "oh you missed it girl!" when I get home.  Hubby wakes up just in time to put his two cents in.

He thinks I am crazy.  Should whip her and make her go.  I'm thinking if her father went, she wouldn't have a choice at all!  When I get back from church, Pete's out there weedeating again.  Bugs telling about the big black snake they killed (chicken snake).  I started on the Catfish Sunday dinner.  (And Bug is feeling like she missed something and saying how she will be there next Sunday for sure. ;)  I send Pete a spam sandwich out by Bubba.  To hold 'em over till the fish is done.  Later, it is quite outside and I go and find the bear asleep in his old lazy boy in the shop.  When supper is done.....I go and gently wake him and ask if he wants a plate before we leave for evening services.  He accepts my offer and we're on our way.  All seems peaceful and I think the storm is over as we head for bed Sunday night.

Oh......but it's back with a vengence Monday AM!  As hubby is leaving for work I remind him I need him to leave the bill and grocery money. "What for?!  We can eat leftovers!"  And with that he leaves.  The old firey Me rises up and hollars some deliteful phrases after him as he leaves.  Then I come in and am reduced to a puddle of tears.  Hot, angry tears!  Why me Lord tears.  Bubba wakes up and 'cause he is my rock he advises me and says he'll get him and Bug ready and down to the bus stop for me.  Good boy.

Now by the time he gets all this done, time is running short.  And when he tries to crank his chevy (Daddy gave it to him.....can only drive on our road.) it won't crank.  He has to haul the battery charger over to jump it and he is getting cranky and mad.  He hates when me and dad are at odds with one another....puts him on a slow simmer.  I try to say, I'll just run ya'll on in my car, but his Stubborn Genes are kicking in by now.  So when he gets if fired off he and Bug go flying down the road.  I can hear a commotion down at the location where they get picked up......but when no one appears, I figure all is well and go back to my sobbing and pitty party.

After drudging on like that most of the morning I finally force myself to go do the few errands I can.  Come home and take a shower to try to feel normal.  Start in to picking up the weekend mess.  About that time, here come the kids WALKING up the steps.  Hum!  I didn't hear no sport tuned exhaust.  I didn't hear no subwoofer thumping.  How'd they get here?  Foot power.  What's wrong Bubba?  Truck won't crank again?  Nope, come with me.  We're gonna walk down and get it.  (???!!??)  Seems Bubba was so hot under the collar and he heard the bus just as he was rounding the curve to the location, he begin to lose the truck and locked it up and shifted into low.  But he still hit one corner of an old steel building there!  Now his truck has a crease in the front bumper.  No harm come to him and Bug.....but it scared him.  (GOOD)  He says all that flashed thru his mind was what if he had his license already and was actually driving them to school and had lost it out on a real road with real traffic.  (YEAH)  Thank you Jesus my kids are okay!  Thank you Lord that maybe he has learned a lesson that will save his life.

So.....we go home.  He parks the truck and turns in the keys.  Pete comes home quiet.  He makes no comment when Bubba tells his story.  But says later "Since the weather is warming up, why don't ya'll ride your bikes to the bus stop and back.  I had to walk it growing up."  Bug luvs this idea!  He also tells Bubba to have me set the table for supper tonight when it is done.  We NEVER set the table!!!!!  We do, and it is mostly pleasant.  Him and Bug pile up in the kingsize bed afterward and drift off to sleep.  Me and Bubba stay up a while and play a hand or two of cards and a round of straight dominoes.

Now this AM, hubby says on his way out the door......"I left you money on the bathroom counter."  Okay.  Does this mean the fued is over?

Now I have reached two conclusions here.  One is, the next time my dear unsaved hubby starts to pronounce and direct me in affairs of Bible, church, etc........I am going to reply "Any time you are ready tostep up to the plate and be the spiritual head of this household I'm behind you all the way!"  And the other conclusion is that when I've finished this series of devotions on marriage, I'm gonna take you and me on a journey thru the word on Words and Anger.  Seems Satan has found that little square of fertile ground over there in the shadows of my heart in which to grow a little trouble and confusion.

Now it is my sincere prayer that sharing this with you, doesn't spoil your faith in Him or His plan for marriage.  You see, we aren't perfect yet......just forgiven.  And I am not equally yoked, of my own wandering past.  And only me, Pete and God know how very mild this weekend of disagreement was in comparison to before I recommitted to Jesus as Lord.  I propose that even the most saintly couple will have their times of disagreement, and  it's a journey to learn to disagree without doing damage. 




  1. scratching my head?  what was his prob in the first place, what was bothering him?  When ever mine gets like that it is normaly something is worrying him or he is trying to work something out in his head... lol or I havn't been doing what I should be doing and he is finnaly fed up with it and letting me know.

    We all go threw ups and downs.  No one said it would be all roses.  But you should talk it out with him I think after you all cool down or some of the stuff may eat away at you.

  2. Makes for a long weekend!

  3. I'm sorry you had a bad weekend. Christains are human. Sometimes the ones we love most are the ones we wont to kill. LOL.


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