Sunday, May 15, 2005

"The Dash"

 Dear Friends, I wanted to pass along a little poem that came in my God's Work Ministry E-mail today.  I found it particularly appropriate in light of Uncle Lenox's passing and the funeral yesterday.  See you here with my usual entries tomorrow! 

Well, friends.......I've been informed through an email by the author that this poem is under copywrite protection and that I did not have the right to share it here, although I gave the author, Linda Ellis, credit and

"The Dash has been published hundreds of times in books, newspapers, magazines and company newsletters. It has also been read countless times at company meetings, graduations and funerals."

The poem is The Dash.  And if you are interested, you can read it on her  web site.  

My apologies to Ms Ellis for my ignorance.  Hope the free plugs will help to make amends.

I hope my readers and J-land friends learn through this that just because you have seen something everywhere and give the writer credit that does not always mean it is "free to distribute."  To me printing it here was like as if you had come over to my home and I said, "hey, listen to this seems to fit."  Or I called you up and read it to you over the phone and then asked  "Don't you think Uncle Lenox filled in the dash well?  Hope we do as well."  I had no harmful intent.  I did not profit from it's posting, though I had hoped others might "profit" emotionally or spiritually from reading it.  I suppose that was Ms. Ellis' hope when she originally penned it.  Although this medium feels like letter writing to me, it is "on the web."  And therefore a public forum.  And so holds the potential to rob Ms. Ellis of her livelihood.  I intend to be more careful before I post anything attributed to anyone else in the future and I hope each of you will do the same.

Visit the web-site to read more encouraging and inspirational stories, poems and testimonies.  You are also welcome to post your prayer requests.  


  1. I discovered this a few months ago. Love hearing it every time. It's great. Hope you are having a great sunday! Linda

  2. I heard this at the funeral of a life long friend the other day!  What a message it brings! :o)

  3. I read this poem just today at my grandfather's funeral. Now everyone who was present wants a copy.

  4. Barbara,

    An author friend of mine is now being sued for $5,000 by Linda Ellis for posting the poem on her own blog/website.  Are you also being sued?  My friend told me of numerous places that used the poem that are now being sued/were sued by Linda Ellis including a nursing home, church and school.  This Ms Ellis sounds like a scam artist to me and not at all what she preaches to be.  This is law gone bad as far as I'm concerned.  Would it help you to connect with my friend?  Just let me know at  

  5. This is a nice poem...made me think of my mother who has since passed. She enjoyed her DASH to the fullest.


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