Friday, May 20, 2005

Almost Back to ?Normal?

Well, I believe I'm pulling out from under the illness. Or I sort of forced myself to. I have caught up the laundry today. We were about to go naked, due to the well being offline, and then me being down. My friend Monica says her guys know how to do their own laundry. It must be nice on her planet. I want to pass on some tips from an oilfield wife. 1/2cup Pine-Sol added to your wash is a wonderful way to clean most nasty stains and get rid of the nasty smells that go with them. It has always been safe to my colors, and costs less and works better than most of that oxy stuff. If you have a bad petroleum based stain, pretreat by spraying with WD-40. Never knew he worked in the mess!

And I also bathed all three rotten boston terriers who recide in my home. Yes, that's not a Boson terrier. But it's a picture. (Can you see it?! I am terribly lazy and am trying another shortcut I found. If it works I'll share the link with you!) I have flea control tips too. The vet told me many years ago, whatever doggie shampoo you use, the important thing is to let the animal stand and soak for a few minutes once you get the lather worked up. This is what actually kills the fleas....being smoothered in lather. And around the house your best/cheapest helper is to vacumn frequently.....changing the bag every time! That's the important throw away sucked up fleas and eggs. If you use the same bag, the next time you'll just shoot little just hatched fleas out your exhaust. Oh, that sounded odd!

This is just a nice horse picture. I will take my roll to Wally land and get a CD made this weekend. But the bad news is I need a new roll for colt it may be awhile before you get a glimpse. The horse in the background looks something like Emmy and the colt in the foreground looks something like DBoy, the sire. Pete let them out of the stall for awhile today. Awe, it was sssooo cute. He already has the gait of a tennessee walker and holds that tail straight in the air! I love their sheer joy of being alive. Delight and wonder at everything.

Announcing today's Journal mention! Becky's Bright Beginnings. Now, unfortunately, Becky has taken a sebatical from the journal.....for how long I do not know. But I check there most every day, just to see if she is back. She the mother of three primarily teenage children. Married and Christian and proud of it. She's fun and warm and was a real welcome to me when I entered j~land. So if you've never been there, go back and read her previous posts. (Maybe some nice new comments might coax her back?!?!)

And now for our scripture and thought on those words and the anger that'a often behind them: Exodus 21:17 "Anyone who reviles or curses his mother or father shall surely be put to death." Woah! I don't remember ever cursing my folks, but I definetly got very angry with them a few times over things they wouldn't let me do. And I know my own teenager speaks to me in a tone at times that I hear all too often among today's kids. But doesn't say as long as you are under 18....or as long as you live at home. So us adults, if we are fortunate enough to have living parents, need to be careful how we speak to and of our parents! And perhaps this will give us with children the incentive we need to command the right tone and attitude from our own children.

I may not post again until Monday.....I have a helter-skelter computer time on the weekends. But may God be with you all. And lets not neglect our worship of him, as is the custom of some!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I can't wait until you post the colt pictures. Hope you have a nice weekend. Helen

  2. P.S. your graphics are showing up beautifully. Helen

  3. Thanks for the pine sol tip.  My husband mechanics sometimes and I have a grease problem with his clothes

  4. I love your graphics. Thanks for the laundry tip, I will try it.  Iam gald that you are feeling better. I love Beckys journal. I miss her. :(


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