Thursday, June 9, 2005

Family Lineage

Well, hello everyone! Hope ya'll are fine and dandy. Pete and I made it to the eye doctors and back yesterday. Turned into sort of an adventure. First, let me say that his eyes checked out to be healthy. And the doctor saw no indications of any disease thru his symptoms. So, that leaves us hanging until his turn with the ear, nose and throat guy in July. I am thankful those precious blue eyes aren't goin' blind. After the doctor, we were starving so Pete took us to the Mexican restaurant we used to go to in our BC years.....before kids. The decor had changed, but the food was just as good as ever. We got stuffed! We then stopped by Home Depot to try to spend a $100 gift card we received when we bought the new mower. When we were almost there, the temp gauge on the truck pegged out! As soon as we parked, Pete looked the situation over. Seemed we needed a new hose coming off the bottom of the radiator. We went ahead into Home Depot to let the truck and us cool off. Didn't find anything to spend our money on! But a little fellow in there advised us of a parts store straight across the parking lot. So we cranked the truck and dashed over there. Luckily there was shade all in front of the store. Pete bought the hose and two cokes. After he put it on, he went back in to ask for water to refill the radiator. No one would pay him in mind, so he went in the back to their restroom, emptied their garbage can, filled it with water, brought it out and cut an empty 20oz soda bottle in half to make a funnel and poured in the water. We were never so glad to get home! To be cool and sit in a comfy chair. I fed the kids leftovers. Far as I know, they didn't get into anything while we were gone. Bubba was busy pulling motors out of Bronco's. Swapping things around to create a new, better(?) hoopie. He and Bug are going to my step-fathers to pick more peas today. Purple hull peas. A new variety called "top pick". Supposed to yield the peas on the top of the plants, mainly, for easier pickin'.

Been a thinkin' about how there are things sort of peculiar to redneck life. Or at least to this area. So, I'm gonna share with y'all a little example. Every one is familiar with how the Indians passed down their heritage through legends. And most folks understand that the Isrealites kept meticulous records of lineage so that they could honor and follow the requirements of Jubilee where property reverted to its original owner. Well, Caneyhead folks have their own method of tracking lineage. Every single time a new person is mentioned in conversation, if they are not immediate family, their lineage is listed. Below is an example of a typical conversation.

Mary: I saw Marvin out at the VFW hall last night.

Pete: Really? Marvin.

Mary: Yeah, you know. Marvin Jenkins.

Pete: Port's boy?

Mary: No, Ports's brother's boy.......Jeff Jenkins. Lives over by Masey Lake.

Pete: I didn't know he and Francis had a boy.

Mary: No! Not Jeff and Francis....Jeff's first wife, Darlene is Marvin's mother.

Pete: Oh, I remember Darlene.....wasn't she Monroe Goin's daughter.

Mary: Yeah! Darlene was the third girl. He had two boys, too. But one was killed in that refinery accident......remember?

Pete: Yeah, now that you mention it. Didn't Uncle Harvey's boy, Frank marry one of her sisters?

Mary: that was Tom and Joyce Goin's girl.....Maurine.

Pete: Oh, now I what's Marvin been up to?

Conversation must not, can not proceed until all the detail of lineage is sorted out and verified by the people present. To do otherwise is just plain rude.

Today's Journal recommendation is for another fellow Texan. She recounts many things that are familiar to me, and many that are foreign. See, she lives in a totally different part of this vast state. You'll enjoy Pauline and getting to know more about her and ranch life. She lists herself in her profile as retired, but she certainly has not stopped living! Go to Pauline's Country Tales and Other Thangs first chance you get.

Our word on the Word and our words comes from Proverbs. In chapers 12 and 13, we find these verses: "A fool is quick-tempered; a wise man stays cool when insulted." and "The good man wins his case by careful argument; the evil-minded only wants to fight. Self-control means controlling the tongue! A quick retort can ruin everything." TLB Yes, people say things that infuriate you. And many times all they want is to "get your goat". There are people whose soul desire is to frustrate and infuriate other folks. Every time you let them "push your buttons", you lose and they win. Hold your tongue. Ignore thier words. If you do reply, reply thoughtfully and calmly. You shut down thier attack by responding this way and you honor God.

May God keep each of you in His care.


  1. Yes, the linage must be straightened out first before the news about a person is told LOL. I know there are a lof of people who get their kicks so to speak by cuttting another person down enough to make that person feel bad & ruin their day. Glad Pete's eyes are ok. You were lucky to be so close to the store to get parts for your auto. Have a good day. Helen

  2. LOL I have heard those conversations!

  3. I would have done the same thing if I needed water and none of them would help me..LOl..Im sure it's very hot down there about now...Sitting in the heat is NO FUN!!

  4. Thanks for the plug. I was just enjoying reading about the lineage. We are very inclined to do that too here in south texas. Sounds as if Pete is quite the handy man. Aren't they nice to have around? Paula

  5. Not much worse than a warm summer day and having your car die on you!  Im glad you got it fixed and were able to make it home :)  Have a great weekend...


  6. Hello!  Since you posted in my daughter's journal, I came to check you out.  Born-again, Bible-believing?  I love you already!  I like Texas, too.  Just not as much as Missouri.


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