Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cleaning the Catch-All

Isn't this beautiful? Who wouldn't want a porch like this?! But alas, mine will never be like this. Everybody has either the catch-all table, where the world dumps the mail, the keys, the change, etc. or the catch-all drawer, were there is an assortment of batteries, screw drivers, pictures, bread wrappers, etc. But we have the catch all porch! On our porch right now is:

...the feed for all the animals.

...Two deep freezers.

...three butane bottles.

...two old window units. whole central air unit. unidentified piece of shop equipment.

...assorted old rotten tack, for horses.

...two satelite dishes no longer in use. old p/c monitor, keyboard and mouse.

...the old kitchen table.

...the old kitchen cabinet.

...One of Pete's old lazy-boys.

...assorted old shoes, half broken toys, etc.

Our porch runs the length of the front of the house. One half is walled up half way and screened in from there to the top. The other half is open. Bubba and I started to tackle cleaning the screened in side up yesterday am. We got only half way! (Notice, except for the last item on list, someone other than Bubba, I, or Bug put them there.) Going to go try to tackle the other half of the screened in half today. For those of you with neat, clean little sub-division lives I hope you got a good chuckle out of this. For anyone in my shoes, I feel your pain.

Praise God we had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon! This may sound like a strange praise, but rain is getting so scarce around here that you truly appreciate any source of moisture. Bug and I were just about to get in her little wading pool and cool off, when it came a rumbling along. So we moved to the clean portion of the front porch and watched! Lightening, thunder, wind, rain, and even hail the size of the end of my thumb! Bug was real impressed with the ice cubes God was sending her. Bubba, Pete and some man watched from under the shop/shed as they sorta got trapped there. When everything was just about quiet, we heard a "crack" and the sound of tin being hit. Rushed around the edge of the house to see a huge limb had fallen out of the live oak. Bubba's old Ford truck he was changing the motor in was there, with the motor on the ground in front with tin over it. Limb landed in between the two for the most part. So, Bubba's project suffered only minor damage. Last night on the local news, they said we were having the second driest year in the past one hundred years. Ten inches short of our normal rainfall by this time of year. Would take 2 foot of rainfall to catch us up!?!

Today's mentionable journal, probably needs no mention. "I'm an analyzer of everything; a dreamer, a romantic, a woman who loves people more than things." This is a direct quote from her sidebar. And the truth of these words comes thru loud and clear in all of her journals and the comments she leaves in others. If youneed a lift, a blessing, an understanding point of view go to Hey! Let's Talk. I'm sure Barbara will have something there or one of her other journals listed in her sidebar that will minister to your heart.

All verses quoted from The Living Bible.

Proverbs 19: 11 - "A wise man restrains his anger and overlooks insults. This is to his credit."

Why get all worked up and worried about someone's insult? Perhaps you are putting much too much stock in their opinion of you. In the end, when all is said and done, only God's opinion and approval matter! So let the insult or unkind comment slide and run off like water off a ducks back. Shake yourself free from it. Go to God and see what He has to say instead of trying to set the other person straight. If their comment is unjust, they won't consider your rebuttal. If their comment is perhaps just, you'll need God to help you rectify this new found character flaw.

Call someone you haven't spoken to in over a month!


  1. wow you have a job ahead of you but it will be nice to sit out there and enjoy it once it is all done.  Loved the scripture verse it is so true I am foing through some of the stuff that I need to give up to God I know he loves me and that he will make everything ok God bless kelley

  2. That proch is beautiful!  

    I love reading Proverbs, and I enjoyed your Bible verse.  


  3. WOW! on getting that porch cleaned up. I don't envy you on that one. Your bible verse and advice is good today. Helen

  4. Barbara....hi!  We are due for a thunder storm today....17th of June!  I will not be taking the horse to the I am gathering my grandchildren and bringing them over here to ride and spend some time with me.  Abbie and Austin are 4 and 6, she be the oldest.  You have a wonderful weekend!  I have been given many Iris's to plant, and know nothing about these beautiful!!  Maggie May Today :):):)

  5. My dream is a screened in porch. I had one at our old house. I have a very small porch right now. I hope you get it cleaned so you can enjoy it, but most of all I hope it stays clean.

  6. I did call someone today that I hadn't spoken to in over a month and I am glad I did. She had been in the hospital and is expecting her only grandchild in for a visit tonight. Sounds like you have some fixer uppers around there with all that "stuff" on your porch. Wish I was there to help you get it sitable. lol We are starting to need rain badly. It is so hot here. Paula

  7. Very nice journal!  Thank you for visiting mine today.  (Psst, I DO think the thieves harvest male parts, too! LOL)

  8. Hehehehheee Barbara!  I don't know about the unidentified piece of shop equipment, but we've got our freezer on ours. with a porch swing, power tools, fishing poles and tackle, boots, toys, camping gear and tent, scroll saw, generator and air compressor!!  I guess you can tell who "owns" the porches in our homes!  LOL!  I'll have to send you a picture so you can see the full effect!  God Bless our messy homes! LOve Carolyn


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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