Thursday, April 21, 2005

Second Devotion on Marriage: Exodus, Leviticus & Numbers

Welcome Back! Scriptures in this devotion are centered around some things not to do. devilish Reminder that quotes are from The Living Bible translation by Tyndale House. Please prayerfully consider these verses and commentary, leaning on the Holy Spirit to lead you into all understanding, and not me.

Today's verses will challenge some commonly held "world views." As Christians, our world view must be colored by God's Holy Word. Remember, we are to be in the world, not of the world.

Exodus 20:14 lists the 7th Commandment. "You must not commit adultery." Maybe you are thinking that you certainly have not. But remember our Lord expanded upon this to say that if you even lust in your heart you have committed adultery. If you have in the past, ask for His forgiveness now and His strength never to do it again. If you are currently harboring lust, then renounce it! Ask Jesus to fill you with disgust at the thought. Ask Him to give you desire for only your husband, that you may honor Him. If your spouse has issues here, then perhaps in this light you can take the 1st steps toward forgiveness of him. If you have committed these sins, then forgive yourself. When we repent (turn away from) our sin and ask His forgiveness he remembers our sin no more! We stand justified (just-as-if-I'd never) before God.

Think sex before marriage is OK!?! "If a man seduces a girl...and sleeps with her, he must...accept her as his wife." Exodus 22:16 If God expects that you should marry someone you slept with, then consider that sex was designed by God for marriage. It has no place apart from marriage.

Homo sexuality?! Beastiality!? God forbids such acts in Leviticus. "Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin. A man will have no sexual intercourse with any female animal...and a woman must never give herself to a male animal...this is a terrible perversion." 18:22 & 23 But it's genetic! Well, personally I seriously doubt the science there. But consider even if there was a genetic predisposition to deviant sexual behavior, most believe there is such a predisposition to addiction. That doesn't give them the right to be addicted or excuse them from the sin or the consequences of that sin. Same thing. Why is it such a perversion? Because it goes against the plan and order that God established at creation. The animals weren't suited to meet Adam's needs, so God created a mate for him. And she was Eve not Evan!

And now let us consider how much authority our husband has in our life. Especially if he is a Christian. In Numbers 30:10-15 we find, "If she is married and living in her husbands home when she makes the vow (to God), and her husband hears of it and does nothing, the vow shall stand; but if he refuses to allow it on the first day he hears of it, her vow is void and Jehovah will forgive her. So her may either confirm or nullify her vow,..." Wow! Maybe you should listen when hubby says you shouldn't have signed up to teach VBS again this year. Mainly, I want you to take away from this scripture an appreciation of just how much weight your husbands opinion can and should carry when you are deciding service and commitments to the Lord and the church. And then take it to God in prayer.

I hope this installment has challenged you to review your world view. I pray it empowers you to embrace a more biblical view. Remember, when these books were written, God had led the Israelites out of Egypt and was establishing them as a nation. A nation unto himself. A nation that was to be holy (set apart for God, pure). We are commanded to be Holy, even as our Lord is Holy. Now, no one will achieve it in perfection here and now but that is the cross we take up each day that we follow Him.

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May God bless and strengthen you until next time. - Barbara


  1. Wonderful entry!  And I even learned something new..

    "If she is married and living in her husbands home when she makes the vow (to God), and her husband hears of it and does nothing, the vow shall stand; but if he refuses to allow it on the first day he hears of it, her vow is void and Jehovah will forgive her."

    So I don't have to feel guilty of backing out of something if my husband has asked me not to do it?  Great!  I knew submission had so many upsides lol and this is another one : )

    There is NO science for a homosexual gene.. that is just simply propaganda.. the study that had claimed it was not objective or followed the proper scientific study guide lines and as far as any reading I have seen.. never made it's way into ANY respected Medical Journal.. I challenge anyone to quote it if it has.  It is more of a rumor that the Homosexually Community clings to and uses as an excuse to keep up that lifestyle and recruit others in to it.  A lie from the pits of Hell that ppl fall for.

  2. Thanks for the Comment, Bea!   You are right about the submission having so many upsides!  Within the context of a loving, Christian marriage at least.  Just like the upsides of submitting to Christ's Lordship!  It actually frees us!  From many worries, mistakes, responsibities.  His YOKE truly is light!  But maybe it also helps us to understand the awesome responsibility it places on our husbands!  And the stress and sometimes crankiness that can cause.  They will be held to account for how they led, directed, allowed or disallowed us in matters.  We will be held accountable for how we yielded to his direction.

    Keep coming by!  I like your style.  :)


  3. That is what I love about the BIBLE. It covers every area of life - is an instruction book on how to be happy, safe, and maintain a closeness to God. Marriages would not fall apart so quickly if couples studied the Bible together, subject by needed. Thanks for the wonderful entry.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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