Monday, April 25, 2005

Good Weekend

Greeting to all! I am very thankful and encouraged by the comments and replies I have recieved! My hope is that this journal will not only provide a little diversion, but may minister to a heart here and there along it's way. Jesus said "Go ye therefore...." in the Great Commision. When you break it back down to the original language it translates more....."as ye go." Along our way, in our day, wherever we may be.

I am glad to report that Bug is feeling better and better! She was even fighting with Bubba yesterday. lol Poor hubby was hobbled all weekend with an attack of gout. We have recently learned of a man who claims a certain B vitamin supplement helped him more than ordinary gout pills. My sister Edna put us on to that. She even went so far as to buy him a bottle! I will try to pick it up from her soon, so he can give it a go. If it really is all that helpful, I will certainly pass that along.

Well, hubby brought in 3 motherless baby chicks on Saturday evening! They are in a boot box in our master bathroom with an electric heater running nearby. So sweet! Thankfully these are eating their biddy-feed and drinking water! For those who don't know, they learn to eat from example and often times when no hen is around they can starve to death with food and water right before them. Sort of like us spiritually sometimes! How many have a Bible laying around nearby but starve for the Word because we are too busy to pick it up? We thirst for help and comfort, yet we never come to Him in prayer? Please, whomever you may be, get in the Word! There are just too many easy to read translations about these days, many with wonderful illistrations and applications right inside! There are Bibles on tape, on video and on-line! A medium for every person and every situation.

Personally I had a great Sunday am with the kids in Children's Church. Only three little girls yesterday, but it was good! They like to roll a basketball at empty 2-liter bottles .......we call it bowling. (redneck bowling!) And I was having a time keeping them focused on the memory verse, as their little minds were already upon the bowling.....usually it is a reward for lessons well done. So I stopped fighting a useless battle and set up the bottles, gave them the ball and said, you will repeat the memory verse before each turn at bowling. Hey! Those sweeties really knew their verse when they left! And were bowling strikes and spares everywhere!

Well.......time to mosey on.....I want to read some other journals and give a shout out to some folks in IM's.

Have a great and blessed day!


P.S. - Did I tell ya'll we have a family of woodducks that have returned to our pond for the second year?!

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