Thursday, April 21, 2005

Forgot to Tell You About MONDAY

So on Monday I had to go into town and buy groceries, run some errands.  I had finished the errands and pulled up to the grocery store.  I sat in my car for awhile sorting thru some pictures, finding the ones I wanted to send to my dear sister Sherine in India.  When I finished, I grabbed my purse and my grocery list and bounced out of the car.  Right as the door was closing I realized I was hearing that irritating chime.  HHUUMM.  Now my car makes the same awful sound for doors ajar, light on, key on, not in park, seat belt name it!  I slowly lean over and peer in the window.  Out of the numerous possibilities for the chime it had to be this one!  My keys were in the ignition! spare set on me!  No spare set at the house!  Spare set is in hubby's wallet out in the oilfield somewhere!  At first I want to sink into the pavement and cry.  Then I wanted to get angry and stomp off where, any where.  But then a voice seems to say, you can choose to make this what you will.  So I take a breath, laugh, shake my head and call my sister to come and get me.  Me & hubby will return for the car later.  Sis says let her call her son-in-law who works at a transmission shop in town.  Turns out they open cars.  He sent a guy who had it open in no time!  Perfect timing I had just finished my shopping.  Thank you dear Jesus who sees all our circumstances!  Bless Edna, Sam, Gene and the sweet employee! 



  1. wonderfull example about being content no matter what the situation may look like.  " )

    Much Love,

  2. I hate locking the keys in the car!!!!!!!!!  But, thank goodness that I pay the $3.95 per month to my cell phone company for roadside assistance.  They have gotten me out of many a jam for free! (well, not counting the $3.95!)  It's cheaper than AAA!  Good thing you had someone to call to come get you too.  We have only been in town for 10 months and I wouldn't have a clue who to call for help.  

  3. Wow, I am so overwhelmed by your great journal, I felt like I was there the way you talked about the experience. I had to comment about this entry in particular since illness stopped me from driving almost two years ago, I now have more senses when I am driving with others and one thing that gets me is the keys in the car. Prayer is always the answer, you really have a way with words. Praise the Lord for blessing you in this area.  Your sister in the Lord, Sylvia

  4. Dear Sister Sylvia,

    I am so glad to have a comment from someone inside one of my AOL groups!  It really means a lot that you visited, and even more that you were blessed!

    Please come again!



So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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