Friday, April 15, 2005

Laundry and Worldwide Friends

Well Good Friday afternoon! I have been at the laundry all morning and I think I see the bottom of the basket. Wow! That will last until the kids get home.

I have to go outside and do some things. Wash the mower for one. And I will have to go the the grocery store and get some hamburger meat so I can fix spegetti for supper tonight. It's Bug's favorite!

I have had the chance to talk to so many of my good friends this morning and yesterday evening. They are such a blessing! Women of Faith. Encouragement. They are friends and they are warm and funny and amusing. I got to speak to Sherine for the first time in what seems like ages!

She lives in India. But so much we share in common. More in common I think than different. She is so warm and sincere. I know you would love her.

I had an e-mail from dear Toni. Now she is in Zimbabwai . I have no idea how to spell it. She is a strong and delightful woman. Lord knows she has probably been thru things I can only imagine! She is one that comes up with those cute, inspiring or thoughful attachments and forwards to e-mail.

Then I have chatted in IM's with several sisters sprinkled thru out the US. Different colors. Different relationships. Different ages. But all a blessing to my day!

I just can't get over my amazement at having friends all over the world. Other folks that love the Lord Jesus. It feels like one huge church when we are together on-line. One intune with the Spirit and flowing with love.

But the very BEST BLESSING EVER is when I get an IM, e-mail, e-card or greeting saying, "Thank you sister, you brightened my day." or "You blessed me." Even "You made me laugh." Here I am just enjoying myself and getting to know people, responding to a mood, or a need as I can and God is using it to minister to and feed his flock! What an honor. What a priviledge!

To all my on-line sisters in every nook and cranny of the world I thank you for the opportunity to know you! I may never meet you face to face this side of Heaven, but you feel near enough to touch in my heart and soul.

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