Friday, April 6, 2007

It is finished!

  "Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and placed it in his own new rock hewn tomb,  and rolled a great stone across the entrance as he left."  Matthew 27:60 TLB
At that time and in that day, all seemed lost.  Even the inner circle could not fathom or grasp what had occurred, what was occurring, and what would occur!!!  Yet, now with hind sight and God's Word, we know this was God winning the war we could never win for us!  Without the blood shed on the cross, there can be no cleansing from sin.  With no cleansing, there is no hope.  Christ purchased for us hope on that cross.
If your Christ has no nail scars and blood stains, He's useless.  If your religion does not preach Christ crucified, it is pointless.  If you haven't been plunged to victory beneath the cleansing flood that flowed from Calvary, then you are lost.  Do not stay there!  Don't remain outside the fold.  Hear the shepherd say "Come!"  Hear the Master knocking on your heart's door!  He loves you and desires to abide with you always.                
"Time after time He has waited before, and now He is waiting again,
To see if you're willing to open the door.  Oh, how He wants to come in!"
Easter:  Matthew chapters 26-28


  1. Greay entry Barbara. Helen

  2. I loved this! Its the Gospel of Jesus Christ and its beautifully done and poetic. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ anyway.. but you have done a short and splendid work.. I may want to share it.. and by the way, the comment you left me, I KNOW I m going to want to borrow that last line. Ahhh.. tell me Barbara, have you done journalism or are u a poet? If not, it must be one of your undiscovered talents. smile.. love, vee

  3. What a great posting for Easter.

  4. Hi Barb,  Have we crossed paths before?  I got your name and blog from one of your comments to Carolyn's blog.   I call her friend, and email / comment too often.  
       You blog topics intrique me, so I know iwill check them out more in the near future.  I am a happily mairred man from Wisconsin.


    Tom Schuckman     ~email:              
    Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 1968-70                    
    Please click on the HyperLink below to access my AOL Journal / Blog !

    Hell is NOT an option !

    "Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?" ~ Galatians 4:16

  5. hugs Barbara
    nice graphics, wording


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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