Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boys will be boys.

Yes, boys will be boys.  Though you never know just what that may mean.  Different things at different times.  At different ages and stages. 

Take my Pete and Bubba for example.  This past weekend Pete put finishing touches on his vegetable garden.  He took a lot of time and care with it.  And it was good to work in the soil.


And then there was Bubba.  He went off to enjoy the weather with his best friend Brandon on a four-wheeler.  And when they got to a certain spot about 6 bends of the Neches River south of Bush lake, they quickly and most likely carelessly got right in to the good earth.


Pete turned out to be very thankful he didn't let Bubba take his four wheeler. But it wasn't too many years ago I remember getting off into situations just like that with him:  in jeeps, in his AMX and on four wheelers. 

Update:  Pete and I did not go to Galveston on Monday.  He didn't rest well at all Sunday night, and did not feel like making the 2 1/2 hour trip. 


  1. What a mess!!!  I think Pete got the better of the week end weather LOLOL...hugs...Ora of KY

  2. The garden looks great!  The atv....well...what a mess!

  3. Pete's garden looks great buuuttt, I can't say the same for the ATV. LOL. I have been wondering what had happened to Pete and his trip since you had not mentioned it. Glad that you did an update. Helen

  4. Wow that garden is beautiful!!  I am wondering about all that you planted... please tell us more about the kind of veggies you are growing.  I can't wait to get one started here for this year.  My eight yr old Aaron would love to play in the dirt with Pete and Bubba.  We have some jeans around here in the laundry that look like that four wheeler.  Hugs,

  5. Well done on the garden; and not so well done on the 4-wheeler. Ouch!

  6. wow.. that 4wheeler looks like it would be very hard to get free of all that mud!  But I guess.. as long as they are having fun and no one gets hurt.

    Much Love,

  7. I love the set-up for that one!  How in the world did he get that out of there?

  8. Yep, boys will be boys!


  9. LOL, looks like Bubba got himself in a fix.  Linda

  10. Now I know what I get to look forward too hahaha! Especially with my little baby boy being so fixated on cars and trucks ha!


  11. I love it! Both boys on their toys playing in the dirt at different phases in life....
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    I hope Pete gets to Galveston soon...

  12. Never mind how he got the quad out, how did he get out?

  13. Poor  Bubba!  I don't mind a lil dirt either.  I used to be quite the tom boy in contrast to my twin sister growing up.  She was all teacups and barbies, and I was more throw a baseball cap on my head and out the door.  I would not come home until I was either hungry or it was dark, LOL.  I loved the outdoors.  Sorry you were not able to make your trip, and hope you have a wonderful day.

  14. You might be a redneck if you get yore 4-wheeler stuck in a mudbog, lolololol.

    Hee...........glad he got it out.  One things us southerners love is good ol' mud.


    Have a great week!~


  15. wow Barbara! since I have a wild one at home now that entry meant the world to me! howare you doing?

  16. Having a garden in the country is what living in a rural area is all about.     When I was about 13 I spent a summer in the deep hills of S. Illinois with my sister and her ex-husband and baby Jamie.     She was in college and he worked in Carbondale about 30 miles away so I was a babysitter.     The rest of the time I was working some throwing hay onto the wagon for a neighbor or tending ( or not tending ) a vast tomato garden my ex-brother-in-law planted.    There was also squash which when we took it to sell it had such a low price it was not worth hauling to market.    I did not do a good job hoeing the vast tomato rows and left for home before harvest so I don't know if any cash was generated.     However, I did visit an old timer that had their 'hot house' and a garden that they really lived off of year round.   Having grown up in the city suburbs I ended up in the S. Illinois countryside like I dreamed of back then.    I don't have a garden because of my home construction.     My back is the primary issue since I can not lift and will see the Orthopedic Back Surgeon soon.     mark

  17. Barbara just want you to know I enjoy your journal very much and I will be back again, thanks for your visit, also I mustn't forget to tell you, you're smarter than me you started at the end and came back to the beginning, I on the other hand started at the beginning. gg


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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