Monday, April 30, 2007

Authorities make big "bust" for CarnivAOL!

  News Flash!!!  This just in from the Caneyhead News Desk!
In an organized sweep of J-land, several journal entries were apprehended for participation in CarnivAOL.  Suspects offered no defense.  Bail was denied pending investigation by the J-land community at large.
On suspicion of soliciting charitable contributions for a good and worthy cause, is Stephanie from Home in the Heartland.  She is the author of the journal entry:  Fundraising ~ American Cancer Society.
Picked up for distributing educational information on bees, is Bea of Wanderer.  Be careful, for you might learn something at her entry:  Easter Sunday and Bumble Bees!
On suspicion of faking his own demise is Dan of The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind.  Turned in to authorities by a friend, he comes clean with the real story in his entry:  As a matter of fact, I'm not dead... .  Seems he was only throwing nuts or something.
Debbie of Me Thinks Too Much has been charged with inspiring and encouraging others with beautiful graphics and lovely quotes in her entry entitled, It Doesn't Take Much To Make A Difference!
For facing the nasty C word head on, bravely and sharing the tale in her entry:  BC And Me, authorities picked up Jeannette at Jeannette's Jottings.
In a warm and tender display of affection for her father, Mary of Just Mary was arrested.  Her entry Cathy's dad, as well as mine was all the proof officials needed for the warrant.
For abandoning her "boys" and talking about something other than Hockey, Donna of This, That and Hockey was hauled in.  No warrant was necessary, as the title of her entry gave her crime away:  Good Morning... this and that .
Dawn at Carpe Diem is facing charges of inciting real feelings over her tender and mushy entry, All About Soul.
And our last suspect, Gerry was found at Daughters of the Shadow Men.  She is charged with attempting to make us think about alcoholics and how and if we can reach them in her recent entry simply titled Reaching the alcoholic....
It is the humble opinion of this newsperson that you keep a wary eye turned on all nine of these suspects.  Review the evidence in each case and draw your own conclusions.  Sweet dreams from the Caneyhead news crew.
This broadcast made possible by Paul in affiliation with CarnivAOL.  If you'd like to guest host an upcoming edition of CarnivAOL, Paul is currently searching for more!  You can check which dates are open at Upcoming Editions of CarnivAOL page.  Email Plittle@aol.comThis offer subject to a few terms and conditions.  Tax in Netherlands.  Not available in Portugal.   


  1. I love the way you did this. Thanks so much. ~ Mary

  2. Very creative... you definitely have a flair!!

    be well,

  3. This is totally awesome!!  Thanks for sharing.  You did a great job at keeping me interested all the way through.  Hugs,

  4. Arent' you the witty and clever one!!! I loved the way you presented our entries. Job well done, Barbara...thanks for the description and link. Bea

  5. I love this!!


  6. To be fair, that tax in The Netherlands is refundable for non-residents, and deductible for The Dutch, and although Portugal is currently restricting CarnivAOL, the Free Portugal Internet Blog Carnival Admiration Society is considering mirroring us as a protest against government censorship of community e-projects. There is, however, that sub-clause in section twenty seven of the contract dealing with consorting with godless athesists, and future ownership of one's soul that you apparently missed when you signed up.


  7. What a great job you did!  I was laughing all the way through.  I'm off to visit the one entry here that I hadn't already read.  Thanks for taking the time to entertain us this way!

  8. LOL Great job!!!  Love it

  9. very amusing Barbara!
    and a great issue of CarniVAOl! bravo all!

  10. therealstephhullMay 3, 2007 at 3:14 AM

    Oh wow, I love the way you did this! So awesome.
    Hope I can do even half as good as you did when it's my turn to host.

  11. laughing.. can u believe I actually did think someone was arrested because of their blog as I first begin to read. I thlught since it was about money, it just might be.  Great blog Barbara.. loved it!


  13. How very clever and creative of you to use this format!   Marc :)

  14. Hi Barb, Just stopping by to say hi and happy mother's day. thanks for praying for me. Please keep praying that Dutch and I can keep a postive attitude about selling this house. I hope I have time to read some of these great reviews here; I like your style.
    God Bless~Deb

  15. Hi Barbara, just wanted you to know I stopped by, I never thought I would read something like this, I'm so new at this blogging it is scarey, but whatever they did I'm glad they were caught. If you don't walk with the Lord you'll stray from the flock and be lost, I think this is probably their problem, they walked the wrong path. gg

  16. I seriously thought someone was arrested...trouble in J-Land.  OOPS!  Well done entry!


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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