Monday, April 9, 2007

Signs of Spring in Caneyhead

Isn't he gorgeous!  We have a wide array of roosters around here.  And signs of spring are everywhere.  From the usual blossoms on fruit trees and the ample oak and pine pollen that makes a thin yellow layer on anything outside.  To the abundance of baby chicks in every size and stage imaginable running all around and about.

Another sure sign of spring is potatoes in the ground and tomatoe, pepper and eggplant plants lined up like solders for inspection.

There's the increase in ATV traffic from one house to another.  Almost daily rounds to share coffee or a cold one, check on the progress of yards and gardens. 

Sows who grow tired of the same ole thing and bust out and end up at someone else's house, down the pipeline.  Obligingly, they allow us to board her there until the necessary repairs are made.

There's the fish fry's and the rounds about the pond that Pete and Bug make to get a couple of big bullfrogs to put in the mix.  Bug swears they are delicious.  I'll take her word on it.

There are abundant snakes to kill, as they come for eggs.  And the chicken hawks that have to be discouraged by waving the shotgun.  (Hey, they know what it is!!)  And there are eyes in the backwater behind the pond.  Red eyes.  Eyes that my hubby promises me belong to alligators.  Fishermen on the Neches River see them, but you expect to have to go to the river....not a couple of hundred yards out your backdoor!!

There's good old fashioned "singings".  One of which Bubba attended with the church youth and then went on to Woodville for Pizza.  (For anyone out of the loop, a singing is a gathering where one or more or many sing for hours in a church and everyone is invited:  no charge.)

There are young fellows riding down the sides of the roads covered in mud.  They've tried every road ditch and pipeline for the fun of it on their ATV's.  You pass more and more people on horseback.  Just getting in a ride before the next trailride, benefit or playday.

There is the sound of sleet on the roof the eve of Easter.  And snowflakes seen drifting through the air from Bush Lake to Jasper.

Little sunkissed country girls run and play and plant and fall in the mud, all while barefoot.

If you cut the stinging weed back, you find four o'clocks making their debut.

Yep, spring has sprung in Caneyhead, and it is delightful!!

Hope your's is at least half as good. 




  1. Sounds wonderful.  Bug eats frogs?  Ewwww!  Linda

  2. Spring is such a wonderful time of year with hope. Paula

  3. Vivid and descriptive, this entry is alive! Hibernation is over! Bea

    LOVE YA,

  5. do you raise chickens? We have just bought two and I have a question or two I need answered.

  6. I could swear we lived in the same town if we weren't a few states

    Linda would have loved this rooster...

    Blessings to you Barbara.


  7. Sounds WONDERFUL!  It's too dry here right now to plant anything- it would all wither up!!  We have our share of snakes too- chicken snakes for our eggs.  I usually give 'em a good ol' heave over the back fence- they are useful in keeping the rodent population down!  Black birds around here know what a BB pellet feels like too when they get the corn from the coop!!  Have a Blessed spring Barbara!!  Love Carolyn :)

  8. Sounds very spring-like, Barbara - allegators? Allegedly lol

  9. LOL..Barbara....sounds like KY a few weeks ago...but Mother Nature pulled a funny on us...31 degrees here this morning and a freeze came again last night...I am hoping my clematis and day lilies come back....after I cut them all down that is...frozen solid they are...sun melts them and boy do they look sick...LOL...they are sick....LOL...some plants were covered...they look ill...not desparate yet LOLOL...but Spring will come again....and we will be blessed again with warmer weather LOL....sounds like you all are having a great time already....Hugs from KY....Ora

  10. Doesn't sound like Caneyhead to me......sounds like Utopia!  Oh how lucky you are.  Spring here means....more cars on the road!.  

  11. That sure is one handsome looking bird.  Spring and sunshine is here in the UK too.  all the trees are in blossom and the sprong flowers are out, lovely.
    Jenny <><

  12. Barbara,
                Thank God you are here so people don't think I am crazy!! I love you!

  13. It is the coons and possums we have to worry about

  14. Oh, that sounds so wonderful!  Thank you for painting such a vivid picture!

  15. How wonderful, I can just picture it from your description....
    We have peppers and tomatoes growing and cantolope just coming up....
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Linda :)

  16. dear barbara,
    oh wow! it sounds like fun there!
    roosters are great aren't they?
    love ya,nat

  17. Your neighborhood sounds amazing!!
    I love that you all visit each other. In my parts thats a rarity. Ok, but I could do without the whole alligator part.........I fish.......and that sounds like a risk I wouldn't find very soothing while I was out tying one on:o)
    Have a great weekend!

  18. What a big cock!!!!


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