Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things are Changing

Suppose you can call this an informative entry.  A heads up thing.  First, notice in my All About Me, there is a graphic for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It is linked to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Founded by a Texas woman; Janelle Hail. 

At this site you can check fact against myth, find out about early detection, read up on the signs and symptoms, research or contribute.

This is in honor of my brave and beautiful friends, Jeannette and Sugar.  If you haven't had the chance yet, go by and lend them your love, support and prayers. 

And while I have you here I want to give you a heads up.  I'm gonna be tinkering with my Other Journals section in the sidebar.  I want to update and organize my links according to predominate type or theme.  (i.e. inspirational, country life, family, etc.)

God bless and keep this family we call J-land.  There are so many among us facing one crisis or another.  Spouse who is ill, children with problems, loss of loved ones, financial hardships, depression.  This is our neighborhood and these are our neighbors, our friends.  Let us always be there one for another.






  1. Amen Barbara. Where would we be without God, our families, friends and J-land friends? Hugs, Helen

  2. I can only echo your sentiments, Barbara. It was Mothering Sunday in the UK, hope you had a nice day.

  3. Amen! J-Land is a wonderful community of good people.
    I like the dea of your Breast cancer will help alot of folks.
    love ya,

  4. What a nice entry Barbara- you're so sweet to remind us about others who are having rough times.  And thank you for the link to Breast Cancer awareness.  My sister had a scare recently through home detection, and it really made me start thinking about it, now that I'm at that age!  Thank you!  Love Carolyn :)

  5. You're so sweet.


  6. Wonderfully said Barbara...I look forward to the new look you will be giving us..


  7. since this is something of an informational post I will leave this link that shows the connection between abortion and breast cancer.. a link that women are not being told about but I believe the many studies and research that says it is true..

    God bless Jeannette and Sugar as they fight, may he give them strenth.

    Much Love,

  8. hello friend thank you for sharing this i have said prayers for these sweet ladies and their families hope you and your family are ok have a great week God bless kelley

  9. So glad to see you sharing this.  My heart goes out to these two ladies.  It is making me be more concerned about my own health issues these days and I have to start taking better care of me and pray for our dear friends too.  Thank you also for the prayers for Nick.  I so appreciate your support and was happy when I read your comment.  We are doing well and being full of faith and hope.  Hugs,

  10. thanks for shairing

  11. We certainly need to be praying for each other.  So much suffering and God's wants us to pray and turn to him.  I love you.

  12. Hello friend. I am helping to make John's one wish come true. For people to give blood. I am asking for your help. Please ask people to give blood and let me know. I do not need names, just numbers. The blood count is in the About Me. Help me reach 300 and beyond! Tell everyone. For John. Thanks friend. Tammy

  13. Dear Barbara
    thanks for this great entry! ahve a good weekend

  14.      I PRAY FOR WE ALL TO BE HEALED.  sam

  15. Just checking in on you, hope everything is well.  I just had my follow up at Mayo, won't have to have another MRI for two years.  The tumor is completely gone.  Yea God.  My thought and prayers go out to everyone who is facing a challange now.

    Marlene - A Poet's Point of View

  16. An 'informative' entry? Oh yeah, Barbara... VERY informative. And thank you for it! It takes all kinds to make this j-land thing work. And it takes really good people like you... Thanks for stopping by my journal. God Bless you and your family and may you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


    p.s. what part of Tejas y'all from? My family is originally from outside of Waco. Most of them have moved up near Dallas. But there's still a couple of 'em down there.

  17. Thank your for providing that link.  It seems like every month or two someone I know personally or know about is having a biopsy or getting diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  
    I'm trying to get all around to all of the journals I've been neglecting lately.  I hope you and your family are all well.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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