Friday, September 8, 2006

Yep, I'm in Trouble!

I have often joked that when Bubba was born my IQ was lowered by 25% and when Bug was born it went down another 25%.  I know I have issues.  My brain freezes, loses files, has frequent errors.  But if there were ever any doubt as to the way my mind is going, it was confirmed on Wednesday morning.
We slept as late as possible.  Bubba rushed out to catch the bus.  I planned to drop Bug by her school on the way to work.  We were hurrying around trying to get finished and out the door in time.  Bug was worried she'd be tardy.  As we went out the door, Pete reminded me I needed to check the oil in my car.  I told Bug to go ahead and get in the car, opened my door and lay my purse inside.  Pulled a Kleenex to wipe the oil stick on.  Noticed my windshield had a nasty film of dust on it that was now wet from morning dew.  Switched on the wipers to get rid of this.  Ooops!  Need to crank the car first.  So I turned the key, popped the hood latch and ran around to the front of the car.
I lifted the hood and pulled out the oilstick.  Geez, louise!!  There was oil almost up to the top of the stick!  How odd??!  So, I wipe the stick, put it back in, pull it out and there it is again!!?  How on earth did my car get to be so overfilled with oil?!!  Surely something is not functioning correctly.  I reinsert the stick one more time, and as I reach over to pull it out it slowly dawns on me.........the car is running.....can't check oil with the motor running!!!!
Yeah, something wasn't functioning correctly...........MY BRAIN!!!  LOL
So, you see....there is no telling what I will do, or when I will do it.  I have put Bubba on alert that I want him to watch over me when I go completely senile.  Until then let's have a good laugh and enjoy the trip!  ;o)  Reminds me of an entry I did a year ago about Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.
Speaking of entries, I went through the 14th Devotion on Marriage this morning.  If you care to join me, be forewarned it contains some rather nasty submit and yield.  It's definitely not for the faint of heart.
I seem to be the only one in J-land who continued to receive alerts during the crisis, so I am way behind on visits.  I'll see ya'll around and about.


  1. Barbara, lololol sounds like something I would do..................... means nothing but you have to much going on at one time................ lol hugs, Sherry

  2. Well, only one thing at a time then LOL


  3. Barbara, I can only relate too well!!!  My family looks at me like I am crazy sometimes. Lord have mercy if I misplace something, I panic looking for it. And when it is found, it's right where I had looked. Now Who put that there. ;)

    It's a 4o's thing.

    Have a good night.

  4.  OMG,  I laughed and almost cried as my husband and I read that entry about  Age
    Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.   That is our life.  Thanks for sharing.


  5. wow Barbara!
    hey you never said is the car ok?I hope so!

  6. I know what you mean completley! I am always doing things like that!

    Kara :)

  7. Hello Barbara      Thanks for visiting my journal and viewing the cow pasture next to my property line.      Living in the country is the best possible place to be for some peace of mind as the world goes at a frenetic rate.    Having so much on one's mind can produce half thought out results.    I have alerts mounting up and can not keep up with them and I am only on the computer a short time each day.   The condition with my spine has been diagnosed and I have a severe stenosis to L4-5 and moderate stenosis to L3-4.     In 2002 the L4-5 was moderate but has worsened.    Here is a paste to describe more on my situation -
    I have a diagnosed spinal stenosis that is severe so I haven't been on the computer much. I am still attempting to work with my worker on constructing the addition over and around my kitchen and it is extremely difficult for me to do even light work. I am being referred to a Neurosurgeon but with my Medicaid Insurance doctors in Illinois have not been paid for a year. I am using my TENS electrical stimulation unit and going to physical therapy. If a Neurosurgeon can not see me there will be another course of treatment. I hope to get around to some journals this weekend. mark
    Comment from mtrib2 - 9/8/06 2:34 PM

  8. oh my could have been worse i thought you where going to say you wiped the dip stick and then wiped the window with the kleenex

  9. I can relate to that ! :o)

  10. sounds like something I'd do!  I'm not s senior yet, but have plenty of their moments already!  Carolyn

  11. Great journal!
    God Bless

  12. Your soooooo funny. I do this too. I remember I parked my car and usually I have some idea where I parked it. I had complete amnesia. I couldnt remember floor, area or what store I walked into. I was an emotional mess. Luckily, I got some good exercise and walked around for about an hour. The only thing that saved me was my alarm on my key chain. Finally, I pushed it and found my car. I think our brain freezes because our brains are soooo busy from dusk to dawn. Brain freezing could be thought of like yoga. A moment to relax,lol. Blessings RAven

  13. Barbara, you are not alone my brain doesn't work the same anymore either.  I scare myself sometimes.


  14. I prefer to call these moments...."senior moments" it a nice sound....a nice important sound LOL...I do believe you and I are NOT alone in this world in situations like this...happy day from KY....Ora

  15. Nope!  I got all mine, too, and I'm just now getting caught up!  

  16. So that is what happened to my IQ, lol.




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