Saturday, September 16, 2006

Spread the Word


News on the VIVI Awards front!  The 2006 VIVI Award Journal has been established.  Right now all the catogories are listed.  You can go and leave links to some of your favorite reads so others can go and look them over.  There will probably be lots of excellent journals to find there.  You get to meet some new folks and find some new favorites.  Later on, after we've all had a chance to mix and mingle, polling will begin to determine which journals are nominated.  Once that is accomplished we'll all have a chance to vote for our favorite nominies. 

Don't wait till the last minute!  Get in on the ground floor and spread the word about the journals you love and check out the ones you may have never seen.


  1. I've already been over, have started leaving some links (including my own hehehe). have you been yet?
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. Awesome explanation... too many are thinking it's a vote now.  Lets spread the word!!

  3. Glad you cleared it up.....I thought you voted now...I found out I was wrong! lol :o) Thank you for the heads up!

  4. thanks Barbara!

  5. Oh thank you for the info! Im on my way over :)


  6. Oh The VIVI Awards, i can't believe its been a year already. i'm getting excited just thinking of all the wonderful journals i read and plan to nominate!
    Have to rememeber to spread the word in my journal too!

    Shermeen xx

  7. I've checked it out- and I voted a few already.  I'm still kind of new to all this J land stuff- even though it's almost a year, but I'm learning more and more.  I did happen to read the sweet nomination you left for me- thank you Barbara- that means a lot to me.  BTW did you know that yours is the very first journal I ever read?  That was before I even knew I could make my own!  I've been having fun with it, and hoping to talk to a few hearts and see what God is laying on me to write.  Thanks for being a faithful reader!  Love Carolyn!

  8. Holy moly!  They're still giving out awards?  Good for them.  

    I surely must come out of myself and take a look around J-Land again...I know I've enjoyed your journal....more like it?  (Nah, there's only ONE you!)   :)



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