Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well, folks, it was little more than a year ago when hurricane Rita blew into town.  Due to the approaching anniversary of the storm, I have posted my entries regarding our riding out Rita and the aftermath in a new journal of their own:  Storm Stories - In the Path of Rita.  The entries are in chronological order and much easier to follow than in this journal.

In a more personal note, Bug got a new quarterhorse on Sunday.  Her Daddy told her only that they were going somewhere together.  She dressed up in her best jeans.  They went to the place where Tahoe (that's her name) was.  He told her to go on and pet her if she wanted.  They let her lead Tahoe around.  Then Pete sat Bug on her back and led them around.  She seemed very gentle.  She's not very tall, and 2 1/2 years old, so hopefully near her full height already.  Then, and only then he told Bug they were bringing her home.  Today, they have given Tahoe her first bathe ever.  She had lived life in a pasture.  And Pete has led Bug on her down the pipeline and back. 

For any who have been following along, the devotions on marriage are all but at an end.  Today, I move on to the 16th Devotion on Marriage.  There is but one more to follow.  Today's focuses more on the role of women to each other, and the role of the church toward women. 

I want to send a big THANK YOU to my friend Sheila, who sent me this beautiful tag.  The way you are looking into the mirror and then out the door, puts me in mind of how what and who we are is reflected to and in the world around us



  1. Good for Bug, I am sure she one happy child. Helen

  2. I'll bet Bug is exstatic!  I wish I could have a horse!  I know my guy wants one, but I don't know enough of how to take care of them.  Maybe someday.  Anyway, I'll check out your Hurricane journal too.  Rita was young and mild coming through here first.   Take care Barbara!  Love Carolyn

  3. awww we going to get to see pics of the new horse soon?? : )  

    and just so you know.. haha.. you'v been tagged.  go read my journal for the details

    Much Love,

  4. How wonderful for Bug!  That's a beautiful tag!

  5. Hope Bug enjoys her new horse. Paula

  6. Yay for horses! Awesome! :)


  7. Oh I bet bug was so excited!!!


  8. how exciting taht your daughter is getting a new horse! cool!
    how insightful youare barbara!love,natalie


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