Friday, September 22, 2006

Six Things.....Mary tagged me!

Okay, so I have been tagged by Mary, at Hunybea's Open Journal to list Six Things about me that are weird and you might not be aware of.  Now I could claim I wasn't weird, but that wouldn't fly very far.  So, now it is just to narrow down my vast list and decide which things I want to let you be privy to. 
So, here goes:
  • I go barefoot all the time at the house.  Unless it is extremely cold.  Then I where my house shoes.  This applies to indoors and outdoors.  And sometimes even to trips to the feed store or to a nearby relatives.
  • I can pinch you with my toes....hard!
  • I always sneeze in sets of three.
  • I have actually thrown pots and pans full of food I just cooked out into the front yard before....although this was years ago.
  • I am addicted to peppermints.  The Starlight mint variety.  Especially the ones with 100% real peppermint oil.
  • I married a redneck and am happy with my choice.  Humm?  Well, that is weird, but I think ya'll know that already.  Guess I better choose something else.
  • I have to be one certain way, with no one touching me to go to sleep.  That is after I have gotten up and down to pee 10 or 12 times.  Now that is an exaggeration.  It's really more like two to four times.  But it feels like ten or twelve when you are tired.
Now who on earth will I tag?
  • frjav at Perspective on Rotations
  • pharmolo at Northern Trip
  • lurkynat at Interface
  • lv2trnscrb at A Corgi in Southern California
  • tendernoggle at Horseshoe Bend
  • TheRealSlimEmmy at Emily's Purple Pages 
    Now ya'll go to your journals and list 6 weird things about yourselves that we might not know yet.  Link back to me, and pick out six more people to do it. (Be sure to let them know you have picked them, in case they are slow getting around to their alerts!)


    1. Interesting six. Bet that pinch with your toes hurts. lol Paula

    2. LOL thanks for playing along!

      Much Love,

    3. hello friend loved getting to klnow you better and all the answers were so cute like you lol thank you for sharing them with us have a great weekend Godbless kelley

    4. wink wink
      good six Barbara!
      ummm lemme think!(have a huge headache ! (really!)
      so..lemme get back toyou
      meanwhile I love those pots in the yard and the toe pinches!
      lol hugs,natalie

    5. I had no idea it was possible to pich with your toes!  I'll have to try that he he.  Have a good weekend Barbara!  Carolyn

    6. It's nice getting to know things about the people we care about. thanks for sharing. Your barefoot thing made me think of my son who would go through his life without shoes if possible.
      Hugs, love & prayers

    7. I share some of your weirdness then because I am barefoot all the time, I hate anything on my feet and I always sneeze in threes as well!

    8. Is it weird if I think this things are normal and not weird?

    9. I really miss going barefoot, and I NEVER used to wear shoes unless I had to.  But since developing plantar fasciitis, the only way to be free of pain is to wear shoes with inserts.  I still go ahead and limp around  barefooted in the evening, after I've put my jammies on.

    10. You are not weird, LOL.



    So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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