Friday, September 15, 2006

FYI Update


What a crazy week it has been!  Well, not exactly crazy...and not exactly busy...and not exactly bad;  but I still feel like I have been stuck in neutral and spinning my wheels.

I have ideas spinning.  Ideas for humorous entries.  Ideas to hopefully inspire or encourage.  But frankly, I haven't the brain power to do either today. 

So this is more of an information entry.  Spreading the word and sharing what I know.  (Which, frankly, ain't all that much.)

First an update on us.  This little band of rednecks.  I'll do it in age order.

I am working part-time three days a week still.  I enjoy it.  Like getting out.  Nice people there and a pleasant atmosphere.  But I am so far behind on appointments, taking care of special issues for the family, housework, etc. etc., that I feel like I'll never catch up. 

Pete is still Pete.  Been busy clearing out brush around the edge of the property with a backhoe.  Building and setting new kitchen cabinets for my sister.  Last weekend he and Bubba went to Cruise~n Silsbee and had a blast together.  People from all over bring their "rides" they are proud of.  Show off, compete.  Trucks, cars, motorcycles.  It's the only weekend it is legal in Silsbee to smoke down tires and expeditionary accelerate.

Bubba is a Senior in High School this year.  He spends half of every day in Auto Shop.  Though he is still intoxicated with "systems" for cars and trucks, he recently discovered an oldie, but goodie pastime:  CB Radio.  There was an old one in a Bronco and he hooked it up and got it working.  Is planning on buying a new one today.  Thinks he and his Daddy will have a blast with them this fall in the hunting club.

And then there is Bug.  She's proud to be a "big" second grader this year.  Starting off well.  We are having trouble getting her to bed on time at night.  (9:00pm)  She doesn't get home until 4:20 each evening.  Then there is the necessity of snack time.  And she has chores.  She waters all the animals on the hill:  Three horses, three hogs, one miniature goat, 5 Boston Terriers, a Kerr dog, a Basset hound, one kitten and 50 or so head of chickens.  Then she has to feed her animals:  which are one dog, the goat, the kitten and the chickens.  There is usually about 30 minutes of homework, that she drags out to take an hour or more.  And the often dreaded bath time, that uses up another 30 minutes.  Somewhere in there, she has to eat supper.  So, it's a race when it comes to Bug every night.  But I have to say, she almost always still awakens cheerful, sweet and cuddly.

I also have a little J-land family news I wish to share.  Get the word out!

Another Barbara is still alive, kicking and doing well!  She promises to stick around if we give her just a little encouragement.  So, if you remember her go and welcome her back.  And if you haven't met's your chance.  I'm Not Just a Farmer's Wife.

And here's one Carlene brought to my attention:  Help Wanted.  It's a journal with a theme.  You can ask questions or provide answers there.  I volunteered my services as redneck advisor.  :o)

I know I hope very much to see everyone at the September J-land Chat this Sunday.  You can get the link to the Journals Cafe, the time and a link to a Time Zone Clock all over at Northern Trip.  (Sorry, AOL Members only.) 

I have advanced to the 15 Devotion on Marriage.  Probably should have this one made into wallpaper for the house!  As I look around, I must confess I have not even been attempting to live this one out in my day to day life as of late.  As of a long time.  If you want to know what I should be doin' that I haven't been a doin' then you'll just have to go read the devotion.   

I think that's all for now.  Of course, knowing me, I'll think of something just as soon as I click "Save".  ;o)  I hear a dryer buzzer calling my name.     



  1. Glad that everything is going well for you and yours.

  2. Happy to hear you're doing well, have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Sugar

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, and have a great weekend

  4. Life sounds like it is treating you well.  Thanks for the information on other journals.  Have a good weekend.  Love the pic of the sunflowers.

  5. Thanks friend! All are welcome! Tammy

  6. Good to hear that things are going well for you. :o)

  7. Bug sure has her hands full!  I am surprised she doesn't beg to go to bed ... I would!  ::giggles::  You guys got a lot of animals.  One dog is plenty for me!  lol


    Who I am… underneath it all:

    Precious Metal (A Spiritual Journal)

  8. We were a CB family. It is a fun thing to do. Has Bubba picked his handle yet? Paula

  9. Sounds like Bug sure has her hands full- but at least that's what kids need to stay out of trouble!  I used to have a CB before I totalled my jeep- I don't have room in my necruiser to hook it up.  I miss it!  I used to talk to hubby on it, and it sure comes in handy when cell phones don't work.  Need to get our home base one working again.  Maybe you gave me an idea for a new project!  Take care Barbara!  ( )'s  Carolyn

  10. Your Bug does more than I do each day...enjoyed the update on the "workings" of the famiy....nice to know how the other part of the world operate...and I remember the "CB's"..but never got the hang of how to work them...cell phones are easier LOLOL....Hugs from KY....Ora

  11. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that has a hard time with part time work and keeping up with home things. Just cany get it together.
    My middle child is a senior this year too. Makes a big ooch! to the pocket booK!
    bug is a girl after my own heart. I would rather watch the animals than any thing eles. Some times I sit out there with them and pet and talk and watch the goats play LOL

  12. wow, i bet it makes you wonder where the time has flown to when you see how your kids have grown up.
    Poor Bug, when i get in from school i just like to crash. but yes, responsiblities assigned by parents get in the way. but i dont think that's a bad thing. and hopefully, she'll get into a routine and it'll help her get the things she needs done, done. like homework!

    I hope that you're well, i'm sorry its taken me so long to stop by!

    Shermeen xx


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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