Saturday, June 9, 2012

What a nice way to wake up!

This morning I was in the bedroom sound asleep when I heard the bedroom door creak open.  I muttered something half aloud to the dream I was having.  Gradually let my eyes flutter open to see Bubba walking up to me.  "Hi, sugar."  Then I realize Candy is creeping in behind him and she has Baby Ruth in her arms.  They lay her down on my pillow, speak a few words and they are out of there.  Someone brings me a cup of hot coffee.  I am having a wonderful time watching my Baby Ruth smile, wiggle, and speak those sweet, soft baby words to me.  What a joy!

A little disappointed in myself.  I blogged each an every day through April for the challenge and had such high hopes and firm plans to continue writing three or four entries each week. What a fool believes, huh?  Of course life has been busy.  At work.  Late days.  Tired.  A lot of nice weekend time with my favorite baby.  I let Caneyhead slip off to a backseat once more. 

One thing I do know, the Good Lord willing, I'm not going away for an extended stay again.  I know I told you all that you could get extra info and pictures if you followed Life & Faith in Caneyhead on Facebook.  And that is true....but this shot is so good I'm going to share it here as well.

This handsome fellow showed up at Pete & Bug's hog trap unexpectedly!!  Pete had seen hog signs in the woods and they had borrowed our nephew Skippy's trap because we sure like some good fresh hog meat.  So far, the hogs have not been back....but this bobcat is a beaut!  That's a tall trap for a rooter.  Judging by where his back comes on the trap, Pete said he'd be knee-hi on him.  I think he's gorgeous!  Makes me feel good to know something this awesome is out there in woods surviving and thriving. 

Well, time for supper.  Tonight it is corn on the cob...fresh from the garden....some au gratin potatoes and a small beef roast I bar-b-que'd slow all day in the crock pot.  YUM

Barbara in Caneyhead


  1. That is a beautiful animal.

    1. I agree Paula! Some would shoot it just to mount as a trophy. Too much beauty to waste. He's the native here. We won't harm him unless he gets lazy and comes to make an easy meal of a chicken. Which is doubtful. They like to avoid our noise. Plenty of small game in the woods around us.

  2. I didn't want to play the game, so I skipped back one post and came to this one. Wow! A bobcat. I didn't realize creatures like this still existed in the wilds of Caneyland. You're incredibly lucky to see such a magnificant beast. There's nothing much here in outer London. Just the odd grey squirrel. The wild peafowl have been recaptured because they were found wandering in the traffic. I loved seeing thos birds in my garden, but won't miss the mess left on the step.

  3. We do live right beside the Big Thicket National Preserve, so I'm sure that makes it easier for them to survive and thrive.


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