Monday, June 25, 2012

In a Pickle

Here we are once again.  It's June in S.E. Texas, as it is across the rest of the world.  Everyone either has a garden or has a friend or relative with a garden.  Or has access to some local farmer's market.  And cucumbers are starting to come in, in abundance.  Yet once again, all our area grocers are out of mustard seed before anyone can make more than one batch of pickles!

Every year it is the same old thing!!  Run from store to store only to find empty racks and shelves where once the little round golden orbs were stacked!!  Wear yourself out getting in and out of the sweltering Texas sun and 100+ "feels like" temps.  Run in a store straight to the appropriate spot only to find the cubbard is bare and then right back into a roasting oven of a vehicle to go down the road to the next possibility.  There's no time for the freon in the system to even cycle through once before your stopped and out again.

I cannot for the life of me understand why not even one of them has thought in past years, "Hum...I could have sold three times as much of that high priced spice if only I had, had it stocked when demand was high.  I think I'll order in triple what I normally sell while it is still winter and then next summer when everyone else has bare shelves and the warehouse can't ship any more, I'll open up my private stock and hang a banner out front proclaiming:


They will pour in!  They'll tell their friends!  I'll get all the dough for the seed and everyone will bless me and call me a saint for saving the day and the crop!  May even win a few more loyal customers for the forethought.  It's a total win, win, win situation."

Yeah, just one grocer with vision is all we need.  So, what are you waiting for!  Spread the word!  Tell YOUR grocer!  Save a pickle!!



  1. Good point. Now if the grocers will see it.

  2. funny. Never realized mustard see was in such demand. :-)

  3. You'd think they would have learned that by now, wouldn't you? lol Hope you find your mustard seed!

  4. I come from Northern England, so I can tell you quite categorically that we don't ever get the heat you get in SE Texas! Our best summers are variable at best although occasionally we do get nice long hot ones; I say occasionally! I experienced 36 C in Naples, Italy and that was enough for me; climbing into a car was like climbing into a pre-heated oven; it was hot!

    I've always wanted to experience what a desert was like, like Arizona or New Mexico or Nevada or anywhere in the US that has a desert! Yes, I'm British so you'll have to excuse my eccentricity! I do hope you got your mustard seeds alright!

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