Saturday, January 14, 2006

I, Too, Was Tagged!!

I've been tagged by Theresa!!  And maybe by others....I've been too busy this week to read journals.  :(

There were rules....but I'm so late till we'll do this...If you wanted to play, but weren't tagged, send me an email saying you want to play, and I'll add a link to you in this entry.

Five thing that drive me CRAZY:

Only five things?!  That seems very unfair, as there are so many.  

 Here's a few off the top of my head:

1.  People, be they company or family, that don't want to eat the food you prepared for them.

2.  Socks!  Because they multiply on the floor and disappear in the dryer.

3.  Children who keep on talking and asking after you have given them your FINAL answer!

4.  Dogs that bark for no apparent reason.

5.  Co-workers who bring you their work late, so that now your work is late.

Five already???  Gee, I was just getting warmed up. 

If you have already played this game and come to this entry, be sure to leave a comment with a link to your own list. 

P.S.  Are we ALL now using the newjournal format? 

P.S.S.  Spell check said I had perfect spelling!  Hey, there is a first time for everything!!

P.S.S.S.  Don't you just love the little dance the running man does in the new version of AOL Spyware Protection?!?

Hey!  We have a late player entering the game!  A new kid in J-land.  Give her a warm J-land welcome and and check out her answers at All About Me.



  1. Good reasons for things that drive you crazy.    I will have to look for the little man doing a dance on AOL spyware protection.    mark

  2. Your #4 lives at my house.


  3. I had to laugh at #2 and agree with #3 and 4
    dont work to hard

  4. Loved your answers.  Socks drive me bananas


  5. Hey- I'll play if anyone wants to.  My on's socks drive me nus- I always ahve about 5 unmatched ones left over in every wash- until I find the mate under the couch, in his bed, at grandma's or on the porch!  I start up my aol spyware JUST so I can see the dancing guy!  He's hillarious.  Take care- love Carolyn

  6. ps-those words are supposed to say- my son's and nuts.  I'm really tired right now.  Can you tell?!

  7. Hello
    We must live in the same house because #2 is here at my place...And sounds like # 4
    Take Care,Melodie

  8. hello friend i think i was tagged too but have been very busy i think i will try to do my 5 tomorow i like your 5 especiall the kids one my 16 year old doeas that all the time hav a good day GOd bless kelley

  9. I am just startting my journals and I have been reading your journals you are very inspirational I would like to be tagged


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