Sunday, January 1, 2006

What Makes Me Wierd....Or I was Tagged!

What I want to know is who told Linda there was anything weird about me??!!  It wasn't easy, but I managed to come up with a few things you might consider weird.  (I invited some canine friends to play along with me.)

1.  I go barefoot at the house almost all year round.  'Cept when it's cold, then I wear my bootie houseshoes.  Inside and out.  Sometimes even to the feed store, or a neighbors!


2.  I prefer to eat my mashed potatoes lightly gravy.  No matter what kind it is or how good. 


3.  I often answer the phone with a company name I worked for years ago.  Sometimes I have to go through a whole list to get it right!


4.  I don't like to sleep on Pete's shoulder unless he has on a tee shirt.  (I tend to sweat on him, no matter what the temperature is.  Plus, I love the scent of a clean tee shirt.)


5.  I teach Children's Church...although I never liked kids much.  (Notice passed tense.)  This is a testimony to what Jesus can do.  I tend to treat them as little adults...and find myself acting like a child!! LOL


NOW.....I get to make someone else confess their 5 weirdest traits.  Let's see.  I choose:

AngelaMelodieDarleneBea, & Jackie

I'll be checking up on you gals to see if you do it!  ;0)

God bless everyone abundantly in 2006! 





  1. How cute! I like to go barefoot when possible also. Shoes,,, blah!!! Have a wonderful 2006! God bless, Beckie

  2. Cute answers you gave there and cute graphics to go with them. Happy new Year to you and your family. Helen

  3. That is a good list and I liked the dogs too!  Linda

  4. I never go barefoot. I cannot stand anything on the bottom of my feet. Nothing wrong with acting like a child. Enjoyed learning more about you. Paula

  5. Thanks, Barb... like I needed another excuse to write about the weirdness of myself. I thought I was pretty much telling it all in my journal... anyway, I did it. It was nearly painless. Choosing five others to tag was more difficult, because I could have chosen ten. bea

  6. hello friend love getting to know you better happy new year GOd bless kelley

  7. Thanks Barbara!

    Now I have to figure out what is weird about me! I've been avoiding that for 56 years! lol  

    So far everything you said about yourself applies to me-so can't use them.  Well, except for the Sunday School teacher.  But I did the same thing by watching my grandkids this last year.  Makes you understand them a little better, makes it easier!  Barefooted, plain mash potatoes, and yes, skin makes me sweat even if it's cold! oft to get my thinkin' cap!

  8. Hey I Don't like some people kids either and I have lol
    donn aIn TEXAS

  9. ROLF, love the entry girl!!!


  10. Oh yes, we have things in common, for sure!  :-))))

    I'm a barefoot freak too.  I absolutely LOVE being barefoot, and hate things on my feet.  The only time I wear socks is when I put on tennis shoes, that's it.

    I don't use gravy on my mashed taters either.  Just salt, and once in a blue moon I'll put a tiny smidge of butter on there, but most of the time it's just salt.

    I've taught children's church too in the past, as well as vacation bible school.  Lots and lots of fun!!!  :-)))))

    I totally understand the clean tshirt smell, (because I love fresh bedsheets and pillowcases and blankets for the same reason -- ohhhhh, so good!)   but I'd rather sleep on a nude shoulder/chest.  I love the skin to skin thing.

    See how much we have in common?  wow.   Thanks for inviting me over!  and have the happiest of new years!!

  11. Good answers which are character developments more than wierdness.   I tend to wax philosophical on these questions and can not be tied to specifics.  lol   I know now why "link to this entry" is there.   Before I had trouble because I am on dial-up and loading an entire page could take too long in some journals.   I used a difference method of going into archieves and selecting the individual entry.   Thanks for the short cut.   Best wishes in 2006!    mark

  12. I am feeling a little down and this comment:  "I teach Children's Church...although I never liked kids much"  CRACKED ME UP!  I needed to laugh out loud!  

    Regarding your comment in my!  You're not weird!  Nope!  Not at ALL!  <snickering>


    Who I am… underneath it all:
    My Spiritual Journal:

  13. Thanks for tagging me!! You had a great list too!!! Il be doing it right now!!!:)


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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