Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Saw It on Facebook

Ain't that the truth!  Music can transport me to a whole 'nother time and place.  Can lift my mood or drag it down.  The only other thing that even comes close to evoking memories the way music can, is the sense of smell.  But the memories that spring from smells are more general feelings.  Music on the other hand can transport me back to a specific time and place with the original cast of characters right there, frozen in time and unchanged.  

That is why I have chosen to do this year's Blogging from A to Z Challenge on the theme "Musical Memories".  Each year, I have tried to center my entries around my own life, my own recollections.  I have participated three years in a row.  In 2012, my theme was "People and Places From My Life."  In 2013, I geared each post as if it were written directly to one or both of my children in hopes of preserving special memories, advice, etc. for them in the years to come. When April of 2014 rolled around I decided to do my posts around "Getting to Know Barbara".  Although this is a personal blog, I knew there was a lot about me, my beliefs, my thoughts that weren't elsewhere.  

I am super-uber excited about this year's theme and posts!  I want to see what song or singer you also like.  To know if you have any similar memories that revolve around the titles or the groups.  

I think it will be fascinating and fun!  April can hardly get here fast enough.  Please connect to me so you can be a part of the journey!  In my sidebar you can follow Caneyhead on Facebook, Twitter or Google Friend Connect.  Or sign up for email post alerts.  Just pick a way, sign up and get ready to revel in and share those memories come April. 


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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