Monday, January 5, 2015

I Saw It on Facebook

Exactly!  What on earth does "acting one's age" even truly mean.  After all, you're only as old as you feel.  

And I saw on the news the other day that having an attitude that you are old, that you "can't" do certain things any more can actually "age" your body!  

Think of some of the oldest people you know.  Most of them either still are physically active or were just as long as their bodies could go.  And many have stayed mentally active by enjoying things that stimulate their brains. 

The other evening I was playing cards with my girls and I told them I never want to be in any home, be it theirs or  some facility, if someone is going to try to restrict me in what I can or can't do or tell me what I can and can't have.  I'd rather live on my own no matter how well I managed or didn't.  

The other day I took a test on the website of my health insurance.  According to the results, my current life expectancy is into my early to mid 70's.  My doctor says it is reasonable now to aim for a life expectancy of 90.  While 90 would be awesome, if I made it to 74 I'd be thrilled.  I would have outlived both my parents by 10+ years.  I'd see Baby Ruth grow up.  I could expect to see Bug grow up, get married and have enough time with her kids for them to have clear memories of me.  That would be enough to satisfy me.  And that would be more time with me for my children than I ever had with my parent's -- 25 years more for Bubba and 15 years more for Bug.

But the bottom line, pure and simple, is that my life is in God's hands...not mine or any doctor's.  I might be on my way before this year is out, or I may end up being some 120+ year old woman everyone is amazed is still going.  Either way, knowing I'm in His hands is the best thing I do know.  Do you?


  1. Yes I'm in his hands but I did recently tell my daughter I don't want to be in a retirement home where they try to make me play bingo when I want to be online. I was widowed at age 50 so I had to pull myself up by the boot straps and I think that helped me. Some I know whine and complain and they are the type who will never try anything different..

    1. There you go. A person lives their whole life, reaches a ripe old age and suddenly everyone else thinks they know what is best for them. To me, that is down right disrespectful. But I also know the type you speak of. Everytime they open their mouth it is to complain about something. I do think tragedy early in life can strengthen someone. Make them a stronger stock than the crowd. I believe the fact that I grew up with parents that remembered and survived the great depression and WWII made me a stronger stock. And also the fact that I had to deal with the loss of them and a sister before I turned 22. That made me appreciate so many moments in my life more than many other people, cherish people more, forgive more quickly, etc.


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