Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Prophet is not accepted in his home town.

In the book of Luke, Christ Jesus said "Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country. ... said, “Assuredly, I say to you, there is not a Prophet who is received in his town.”

Now granted I am not actually a prophet.  And I'm certainly not Jesus.  And what I do here on this blog is nothing of life changing importance.  But I can somewhat commiserate with our Savior in my blogging experience.

Let me elaborate.  In my own household, my family seldom if ever reads my blog entries unless I point them out to them or leave them up on the computer and they happen to sit down and get to reading before they knew what bit them.  Usually, they seem to like what they do read, but it's seldom a big deal.  They don't leave comments and they rarely comment in person to me.

Then there is my extended circle of family and close friends.  Most of them have knowledge that I blog.  Some don't understand it at all.  Some occasionally come by and read but never comment on the web or in person.  A couple have come here just to be nosey or try to stir up trouble between me and Pete.  And of course they don't comment. 

I have a small core that adore what I write here and try to read every post.  They even print posts out to show to others or to pass to my sister who doesn't have Internet.  Although they may applaud my efforts in person, they never comment on my blog.

There have been a few posts I really wanted a select number of my work colleagues to read and I have emailed them links to the appropriate entry.   Some commented in person enough to let me know they read that post.  But they never left a comment.

I have even ran into a person or two that know my blog and have read it and when they realize I am that Barbara they are tickled to tell me they have read L & F, yet they have not commented.

Why is it that other bloggers and virtual strangers will comment, but not anyone I can point to and say I know IRL?  Is it that you are that shy?  Do you think if you comment the world will suddenly know your full name, where you live and what you had for breakfast?  Do you think you have to belong to Blogger or sign up for some unwanted service to leave a comment? 

Let me put your mind at ease.  If you click on the spot that says "comment" at the end of a post, the page will expand.  You'll be able to see any comments that are already there.  Under that will be a blank box for you to type your comment in.  Directly under that box is a drop down menu labeled "comment as".

Now you can see that you can sign in and comment under several blogging associations, with an AIM screen name or an Open ID account.  This is great if you want to generate traffic and create back links to your own blog or profile.  If you have a web page you'd like to promote or maybe have me visit, you can sign in with your name (first name, whole name, nickname - it's up to you) with the link to your site included. 

And then too, you can choose anonymous, which won't link to anything.  You can reveal your identity in your comment or stay completely incognito.  It's all up to you!

You just don't want to comment on Blogger for some reason or another?  Comment on my Twitter feed by the appropriate post.  Or on the Life & Faith in Caneyhead page on Facebook.  

The point is, if you read and especially if you enjoy, then join in the fun of it all and comment!



  1. Yeah I find some people are afraid to let their hair down and do something different and fun.

  2. LOL, Barbara. I do get this. I don't have a lot of local people reading but I know my sister and her family in the Virigina area read my blog; very rarely will she comment. I don't think my husband has read but one or two posts, but that's okay :) I blog because I like to blog, no matter who reads or comments on it :)

    hope the wee one is doing fine!


  3. I am very glad to see your blog since every thing you described in simple and systematic manner.So that readers and visitors easily attracted to your blogs.It gives great opportunity to learn on new developments. How do people become drug addicts?

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. It keeps me in touch with my hometown. I miss those growing up days even though I have been gone longer than I lived there. Thanks for the great stories!!

  5. I have been there and have met others who have gone through this 'talking to the wall' phase. Sometimes it's just that there seems nothing left to add.
    I think at the end of the day you write for yourself - and take the comments as gifts.
    Always good to read what is going on in your world.

  6. I can understand Barbara... no one in my family reads my blog. Heck most of the time my gal pal doesn't even bother with my blog. But that's okay. She still puts up with me in person. I'm glad your back to blogging. I do enjoy the story that you tell...

    God Bless you and yours Barbara,

  7. After all that, I had better comment! ;-) Just found you through the A-Z, you have a nice blog, I like your border. :-) You sound like a lot of fun, so I'm going to follow to see what I can learn about the South....although I'm in Florida. Nice to meet you!


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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