Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beginnings & Endings: The Beginnings

The week preceeding Mother's Day was not just a week of endings, but a week filled with beginnings!

First, our precious little Baby Ruth turned a month old on that Thursday.  She's growing like a weed and truly beautiful. 

Then on Saturday, we were invited down to Bubba and Candy Girls house for a little belated birthday party/mother's day cookout.  That was a first!  It would tickle me pink if it became a Bubby birthday/Mother's Day tradition.  He cooked cabbage & sausage in the house and his best friend, Parker, cooked ribs outside on the pit.  His mom was there, too.  Along with some mutual friends of all of ours.  They played washers and horse shoes.  I mostly played with Baby Ruth.  Did mix up my potatoe salade to go with what the guys were doing.

This was Candy Girl's first Mother's Day.  I picked her a bouquet of our kate jasmines and put in an old bottle and took to her to make her living room smell good.  She's such a good little mama!  I'm so proud of her.  Bubba is no slouch as a daddy either, but he leaves diaper changes to her and since Baby Ruth is being breast fed, that duty goes to her as well.

When the big day got here, I couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face sitting in church Sunday morning with my whole "new" family on the row:  Me, Pete, Bug, Bubba, Candy Girl and Baby Ruth.  Amazing how our family almost doubled in just a year!  Counting my blessings and reflecting on how Our God keeps His Promises, even if we begin to despair.  Thinking of the hurdles He got us through to get to this point.  Seeing His hand in so many things.

Beautiful when Pete helped to pass out the roses to the mothers - white for those whose mothers were gone on to thier reward, and red for those who still had their mother on earth.  I of course had white, Candy Girl got a red one.

Yes, it was a time of wonderful, memorable firsts I'll always cherish.


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