Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well, It's Father's Day


Here it is Father's Day.  The Daddy in this house is enjoying sleeping in late...very late...on a rainy, overcast day.  He and Bubba were up very late last night building a pen out of pipe for our stud horse, D-Boy, who has finally managed to tear up his board pen for the last time.

Pete as a Dad.  Over all he's a good Dad.  Like every parent he has his faults, flaws and shortcomings.  But for today, I'll dwell on what I see as his strengths. 

He loves to hold and cuddle his children when they are young.  Has no shame at all in hugging one, at any age.  They are encouraged from early on to follow him along on every step he makes around the yard, doing whatever project.  He makes them feel safe from all outside forces.  He'll save and squirrel away money for that wonderful surprise birthday or Christmas present.  Be it Bubba's first .22 or Hannah's fine new big girls bike.  He has no problem with them coming along on a job, or a weekend at the deer camp.  He'll watch all the Disney movies with them.  Occasionally toss around a Frisbee. 

He has been the driving force in molding our son into a man.  Bubba has the respect of everyone who has ever worked with him or seen him work.  And Bubba has respect and a heart tender for those older in life.  These are things from his father.

Bug is Pete's little country princess.  Denim and pearls.  Not long after we had her, I kidded him about beating up boys when she was older...he shook his head and said "No, I'll teach her how to beat them up." 

For me, some of my warmest, fuzziest feelings for my husband revolve around memories of him with the kids.  Even some of the times I find him sexiest, is when I see him taking time to explain or help or tickle or fix for our children.

He would do without for his children, die for his children, kill for his children.

Happy Father's Day, Pete!



For any who are following along with me:

4th Devotion on Marriage 


  1. Happy Dads Day to your Pete! :)
    Have a great day all of you.
    Come visit me when ya can, I've been doing a 3 day salute to Fathers.

  2. butterflies4me04June 18, 2006 at 3:24 PM

    happy father's day to pete ... and any other father here in j-land!


  3. Happy Father's day to Pete. Lovely entry.

  4. dreamingbrwneyesJune 18, 2006 at 9:19 PM

    He sounds like a very devoted father, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!
    ~ Jenny

  5. hello friend love this entry very sweet and loving what a true woman of God you have shown to say such wonderful things about your man hope you all have a wonderful day togather it was poring here on fathers day too God bless kelley

  6. Pete is no doubt a fabulous Dad and husband.  We are so lucky to have such great men in our lives.  Thank you Barbara for your kind words in my journal.  You are great!!!


  7. Pete sounds like a happy man!!!!...Hugs...Ora of KY


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