Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Neat New Stuff

Hey, I am surprised and tickled to see we finally got a search tool on our journals!  I've been playing with it.  Entering terms I know I've used in my journal before.  Of course a lot of junk comes up with it.  But over all, I think it'll be a fun and handy thing to have.

My toes are a little sore from yesterday's devotion.  But, still, I am plodding on with the second devotion on marriage, today.  Feel free to join me:

Second Devotion on Marriage:  Exodus, Leviticus & Numbers


  1. Is that what that was??  I was at work and trying to figure out how to get on line and check my Aol email from their Insight.  I put in my djohn52@aol and it brought up my journal, where I had commented about Pam, and something else I've done..can't remember.  Also when I get on my journal above the advertisement that is running across it says "For a free sample email me at djohn52@aol.com." That is in what I typed right below it, but ??????  Hope people don't think I'll send them a sample credit card, or pet food.  I do have some Regenipet that can be ordered...but no samples. lol

    Just strange!  :)

    Hugs and prayers!

  2. hello friend keep pressing on the enmy does not want you to suceed but God is refining you for somethig just like i belivie he is with me God bless kelley

  3. (smiles) I noticed them yesterday when I went to visit some journals. I think its great, you guys are so lucky!!! I wanna get myself a US journal. We don't have anything. Not spell check, not search bars. And we can't pay for the voice entries either. Bummed about that. Think I need to find someone I can complain to!

    Shermeen xx

  4. I finely got a day off. Dr didnt wont FIL to go to theropy for a few days.  I need time to myself! I rember the devotional series you were writing before. I guess we could all use a refresher!


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