Thursday, November 3, 2005

Hey, Gang! Jessica is back!

  Say, ya'll!  Jessica is back!  You know, Countrybumkin779.  The one with "the everyday mundane life of a housewife" !  She' okay and she's BACK!  So run on over and welcome her......tell her how much you've missed her.  Or, go let her know you are looking forward to meeting her.  

I'll have a Storm Stories update soon.  By the weekend anyhow.  My part time week has turned into almost full time!  :( 

Thanks folks!



  1. aww thank you so much're a sweetie. sending blessings and love, jess

  2. I cant wait to hear more of the story. You sound busy but I know your glad to have work.

  3. I am sooooooooo glad my Jess is back!  Thanks for pimping her out lol.  I was off line for the first two days she was back online and got scolded for not being around for her "homecoming" lol glad to see some one else picked up my slack.

    Much Love,

  4. Very cool!!!


  5. Thank God for that old prehistoric generator trade... Nice to hear fro you again Barbara- my friend in TX.  I am glad you are safe and well, with all the storms brewing around us! Yes, life is good my son is getting well and my boyfriend sons wedding was so so special to us both. I will ck on youn again my friend, Cheryl from New England~

  6. I'll have to trot over and say hi!



So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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