Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yes, I'm Still Here!


Okay, some of you probably think I dropped off the face of the earth.....but I didn't.  And I have been keeping up with all of all the alerts for journals and groups.  But I have had very little PC time and have not invested in going to pages and leaving comments.......sorry! :(     

Well, Pete had the Carotid Ultrasound....but he didn't have any MRI!  They tried him in the regular way.  Then they moved him to the "open" one....yet still when that camera that Pete called the "cage" came in front of his face....uhuh, no way!  He felt awful, was nervous and shaky.  We went outside and walked and he had a snack and he thought he had himself together, so we go back in, but nope.  They suggested we call his Doctor and reschedule with a pain pill or nerve pill to take before hand.  We called, but the doctor said "Nope!".......So we went again on Friday.  Pete was well rested, full, less sick.  He took a full dose of Benedryl beforehand.  Thought he would be relaxed and groggy and it would be okay this time.....but, NOPE.  So we are backing up and scheduling CT scans of his brain instead.  Not nearly as good information wise, yet much better than no look inside.

Who would have figured it!?!?  He has never shown any indication of being claustraphobic.  He has worked up high in the air too...but he'll flat out tell you he doesn't really like heights.  He has stood rock still and faced a charging watercosin down.  He has calmly inserted his saliva wettened thumb into the end of a burning gas can to extinguish the fire.  Things normal folks can't do without freaking out. 

Well, no foul here.  He gave it his very best shot, more than once.  They said that 2 out of 5 people can't do least not awake.  That's over a third of the folks who try!  That's a lot. 

Maybe I'll get back to a semi-normal schedule this next week.  Just know that I adore you all and will make my way around to comment, IM, or send a private e-mail as soon as I can.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday in our Lord!  




  1. Sorry Pete. I havent had an MRI so I dont know what its like. I hope they can do something eles to find out whats wrong.

  2. I have had several MRI's. The first time I got on the bed thingy they told me to close my eyes before they took me into the tube & told me not to open them. I followed their advice. That was when they were not open MRI's available and there was not a bulb to squeeze in case you were in trouble & no music either. That clanging was very loud. Wish Pete could get over this so you all would know if something is wrong and he could get the right kind of treatment if there is. May God bless! Helen

  3. My brother has trouble with having them done too...
    Hope it's all good news in the end.
    Have a great week!

  4. I don't understand why somebody didn't give him something to help him relax. I  was given a pill. Wouldnt have been able to do it without it. Keeping you and yours in prayer. Love your little graphic.

  5. I am claustraphobic to.  I totally understand how he feels.  No elevators or tanning beds for this girl.  Hope things work out for him, it's a horrible feeling.


  6. My hubby had to take valum.  My mother says to put a wash cloth over your eyes and you won't know when you are in the machine.  I thankfully, have not had to do this and hope I never do.

  7. I had no trouble with the MRI but I hate Cat Scans! I will be praying for him.

  8. What's wrong with his doctor?  What is the big deal about giving him something to relax?  Is the MRI important?  If it is important enough, then they should be willing to do what needs to be done to get the darn thing done!  Doctors!  I don't get it.
    Hope you all have a great hump day tomorrow!  .:Barbara:.

  9. J-Land, isn't it wonderful that is short of taking to other people, however sometimes it's not that easy to talk to other people.  Here on J-Land you choose what conversations you get into and I am so glad I caught your husband's experience with the MRI.  It is absolutely true that one may not know how this machine is going to effect them until they try it.  If you are in pain and can't hold absolutely still for th 45 minutes it takes, especially with a neck injury and your neck muscles tense up causing you to feel as if you can't swallow and thus breath, well YEA their going to tell you that you are claustraphobic.  Happened to me.  I was so embarassed  that I cried. Then I was even more embarassed that here I was crying.  Didn't take anyone with me that day that could drive me home if I let them sedate me and so we reseculed.  They gave me valium to take a hour before we came.  You know take the edge off, help you at least relax a little.  I swear they were using a different machine that didn't quite sit on you face that time.  More air movement plus I insisted that they allow my husband to stay in with me and hold on to my big toe so I could feel that if I needed help, someone would pull me out.  Simple as that.  Did it, made it through, glad it's done.   I hope the CT Scan was all he needed.  If he still needs MRI take something, let them put a cold wet wash cloth over his eyes, and learn to meditate before attempting again.  



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