Monday, July 18, 2005

Blue Monday...After a Good Weekend


Well, is it just me, or does it really seem like forever since I have posted and browsed J~land?  Guess I'll make this a newsy, catch-you-up sort of entry.  First, thanks to the many who stopped by and wished Pete a Happy Birthday!  You are all too sweet.  I think he has as good a birthday as anyone who had to work that day could have.  I fed him Rib-eyes and baked potaotoes for supper, with some wonderful fresh baked yeast biscuits my sister brought him.  Bubba did a bunch of yard work for a present, and Bug designed him her own card.  I gave him his favorite cologne, which he was out of.

Thursday and Friday there just wasn't much too me........did practically nothing.  But Friday evening Pete came home with a birthday surprise for Bug........a brand new 20" bike!  All a teal blue with lavender accents.  She was so very excited!  On Saturday, her birthday, Pete and Bubba had to go get passes to hunt in the park near the house this year, and he stopped of at the grocery and bought her a birthday party:  cake, meat for the grill, paper plates, sodas, ....everything.  Mama didn't have to do a thing!  That was one little girl who sure felt special!  As if she weren't already excited enough about turning 6.  Throughout the afternoon and evening family dropped by and brought her presents....mostly money, she's now independantly wealthy.  And in the evening we all enjoyed some great food cooked over an all pecan wood fire.  Pete was on call, but thankfully never had to go.  Unfortunately for him, the evening ended with another of those really bad headaches.  Me and the kids picked up the mess. 

Sunday was just another relaxing rather lazy day.  We had rain again.  More is expected today.  Wonder if we are officially out of our drought now?

I want to make a confession.  A while back, I was helping Bug look for something purely fun and mindless to do on the PC.  Non-educational.  Just for kicks.  I found her a game and we played.  She enjoyed it and did fairly well at it.  So I put it on the favorites.  We went back to play several times.  Well, now I am hooked on Zuma.  I play a game or two of it almost every single day!  Why, I don't's not like I am actually good at it.  Is it because it is mindnumbing?  Or is this just an expression of my inner child?  Or a throw back to my Asteroid zapping days in the late 70's?  Well, there you you know.  I feel better.

 Today I'd like to ask all of you to welcome a Sister in Christ to J~land.  One who knows her REO Speedwagon.  ;)  (See Comments)  Gwynn is also a wife and mother, trying to be committed to Him in the Small Things.  Stop by and draw some courage and inspiration from her, or leave her a little of your own.


  The Word today is "Dear friends, never avenge yourselves.  Leave that to God, for he has said that he will repay those who deserve it. {Don't take the law into your own hands.}  Instead, feed your enemy if he is hungry.  If he is thirsty give him something to drink and you will be "heaping coals of fire on his head."  In other words, he will feel ashamed of himself for what he has done to you.  Don't let evil get the upper hand but conquer evil by doing good."  Romans 12:19-21, TLB      At first I thought this needs no illiteration.  But then I could hear some of you saying, "oh, sure.....I know old so and so will just take my kindness and never feel guilty."  So, I say to you remember that God's timetable is not ours.  I am sure some will never feel guilt or remorse in our lifetime.....but there is a Day coming.  A day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess.  If they have no remorse towards us or God now, they surely will then!  But it will be a little too late.  So please heed God's Word.  For your sake not to be caught up in strife.  And for their sake, that they might have even the opportunity to see and too repent the things they have done, before it is ever too late.


  1. I like asteroid zapping games also...I used to play a galaxay game when I waited tables at bennigans 23 years ago I still like that game..If I ever come across it I go ohhs galazy my kids roll there eyes
    Donna In texas

  2. So glad to know that things have been good for you and that Pete and your daughter both had nice Birthdays.  I shall certainly check out the friend that you recommended. Hugs.

  3. awww..thanks for the nice comments and link to my journal, Barb.  Now I'm gonna have to get busy and write some more current entries!  :)  Gwynn

  4. Our grandaughter wants to play zuma everytime she comes here and she plays poppit also. Glad your hubby and daughter had a good birthday. Guess you thought it might be your birthday not having to do anything on Bug's birthday. You WORD was good today. Good advice too. helen

  5. sounds like you had a nice weekend I am so glad the birthday parties went so well good to see you are still ok it is so hot and humid here today yuck well have a good day God bless kelley

  6. Zuma is good. Brook likes Goes to it on her own!

  7. I go threw phases with AOL games and Yahoo games.. sometimes I focuse more on them then on my journals lol but then I come to my sences.  I really love playing scrable lol even though I suck at spelling.

    Thanks for the reminder of the Word today.  Some how I know that was JUST for me lol. Yes Lord, I hear ya..

    Much Love,


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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