Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Okay AOL.......Don't mess up my entry!

Okay, this is a little different.  I didn't do hardly any journal reading over the holiday weekend.  So I spent this a.m. catching up.  Along the way I found several journals with things in them I found so interesting I am going to link you to them.  And if God smiles on the ISP today, prehaps it will all show up!  Yesterday's boo-boo also ruined my Redneck/Oilfield Dictionary I was trying to update.  So one day soon I'll go back and repair that  -  Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.  Now without further ado, here's the links:

Donna had two awesome links up.  One all the picture buffs should enjoy, and the other a great new blog about blogs!

Plus she had a hilarious entry about a set of keys gone missing!

If you are into quizes, Cynthia had a good one about religious beliefs linked to her journal at:

And if you have not had enough Independance Day yet, go read this fascinating entry Terra made about what all our forefathers went thru after they so boldly signed the Declaration:


Today's Official Journal Mention is life at our house.  Kelley is an warm, friendly, Christian wife and mother of three girls.  They are recent transplants from sunny California to Indiana.  She often includes some clean little funnies in her entries. She has only been journaling about as long as I have, so I know she would welcome some traffic.   

And shall I try again on yesterday's Word? (Get behind me now Satan!)  I know it won't be exactly what I said yesterday, as I compose as I type.  "Son of Dust, tell them that the Lord God says:  Your fathers continued to blasheme and betray me when I brought them into the land I promised them, for they offered sacrifices and incense on every high hill and under every tree!"  Ezekiel 20:27    Does our lifestyle blaspheme and betray God?  Do we offer ourselves to every notion that comes along?  Do we compromise Truth?  Do we sacrifice righteousness for the sake of tolerance?  The New Testament equates how we live our lives with our "conversation".  What we do, how we think, how we live, treat others, when we stand, when we bend, all comes together to make our conversation.  So what's your conversation saying? 



  1. oh thank you so much sweetie for metioning my journal. I love the gif of texas did you make it yourself or do they have a site to go to? Love the scripture as always. have a good day God bless kelley

  2. Well hun around here the creek is rising! LOL Have a good week. I will catch up with you later. Getting ready to leave on my triop.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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