Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Rainbow Abomination

Our great nation has fallen today, deeper into the pit it has been digging for itself for over 50 years.  We ignored God and enacted no fault divorce.  We had a "sexual revolution" and decided it was okay to have sex outside of marriage.  We declared shacking up okay and called it common law marriage.  Now, the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of homosexual marriage.  Once again trying to enact law without legislation.  Violating the constitution of our nation and supplanting states rights and stripping the legislative branch of their endowment.  

The gay/lesbian community has, in its ignorance,  (or as a mockery) adopted for itself the symbol of God holding back His Terrible Wrath for the sake of mankind for it's flag:  the rainbow.  The rainbow was placed in the sky after the great flood when God cleansed the world of all unrighteousness as a mark of the promise God made to Noah and generations to come.  When He sees the rainbow in the sky, it serves to remind Himself not to destroy us in like manner again, no matter how sinful we become.  The next time, He'll destroy us with Heavenly Fire.

Genesis 9 

Then God told Noah and his sons, 9-11 “I solemnly promise you and your children[a] and the animals you brought with you—all these birds and cattle and wild animals—that I will never again send another flood to destroy the earth.12 And I seal this promise with this sign: 13 I have placed my rainbow in the clouds as a sign of my promise until the end of time, to you and to all the earth. 14 When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will be seen in the clouds, 15 and I will remember my promise to you and to every being, that never again will the floods come and destroy all life. 16-17 For I will see the rainbow in the cloud and remember my eternal promise to every living being on the earth.”

Sodom was so ripe with every type of sexual perversion (hence the term Sodomy) that God did destroy it.  Homosexuality was just one of the many sexual sins there.

Genesis 19

But he was very urgent, until at last they went home with him, and he set a great feast before them, complete with freshly baked unleavened bread. After the meal, as they were preparing to retire for the night, the men of the city—yes, Sodomites, young and old from all over the city—surrounded the houseand shouted to Lot, “Bring out those men to us so we can rape them.”
Lot stepped outside to talk to them, shutting the door behind him. “Please, fellows,” he begged, “don’t do such a wicked thing. Look—I have two virgin daughters, and I’ll surrender them to you to do with as you wish. But leave these men alone, for they are under my protection.”
“Stand back,” they yelled. “Who do you think you are? We let this fellow settle among us and now he tries to tell us what to do! We’ll deal with you far worse than with those other men.” And they lunged at Lot and began breaking down the door.

10 But the two men reached out and pulled Lot in and bolted the door 11 and temporarily blinded the men of Sodom so that they couldn’t find the door.
Are you sitting there smug because you aren't homosexual?  Or are you a homosexual who falsely believes God never said homosexuality was a sin?  I tell you now, unless the states and the legislature stand against this, America is doomed.
 1-2 The Lord then told Moses to tell the people of Israel,
“I am Jehovah your God, so don’t act like the heathen—like the people of Egypt where you lived so long, or the people of Canaan where I am going to take you. 4-5 You must obey only my laws, and you must carry them out in detail, for I am the Lord your God. If you obey them, you shall live.[a] I am the Lord.
“None of you shall marry[b] a near relative, for I am the Lord. Do not disgrace your father by having intercourse with your mother, nor any other of your father’s wives. Do not have intercourse with your sister or half sister, whether the daughter of your father or your mother, whether brought up in the same household or elsewhere.
10 “You shall not have intercourse with your granddaughter—the daughter of either your son or your daughter—for she is a close relative.[c] 11 You may not have intercourse with a half sister—your father’s wife’s daughter; 12 nor your aunt—your father’s sister—because she is so closely related to your father;13 nor your aunt—your mother’s sister—because she is a close relative of your mother; 14 nor your aunt—the wife of your father’s brother.[d]
15 “You may not marry your daughter-in-law—your son’s wife; 16 nor your brother’s wife, for she is your brother’s.[e] 17 You may not marry both a woman and her daughter or granddaughter, for they are near relatives, and to do so is horrible wickedness. 18 You shall not marry two sisters, for they will be rivals. However, if your wife dies, then it is all right to marry her sister.
19 “There must be no sexual relationship with a woman who is menstruating;20 nor with anyone else’s wife, to defile yourself with her.
21 “You shall not give any of your children to Molech, burning them upon his altar; never profane the name of your God, for I am Jehovah.
22 “Homosexuality is absolutely forbidden, for it is an enormous sin. 23 A man shall have no sexual intercourse with any female animal, thus defiling himself; and a woman must never give herself to a male animal, to mate with it; this is a terrible perversion.
24 “Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, for these are the things the heathen do; and because they do them, I am going to cast them out from the land into which you are going. 25 That entire country is defiled with this kind of activity; that is why I am punishing the people living there, and will throw them out of the land.[f] 26 You must strictly obey all of my laws and ordinances, and you must not do any of these abominable things; these laws apply both to you who are born in the nation of Israel and to foreigners living among you.
27 “Yes, all these abominations have been done continually by the people of the land where I am taking you, and the land is defiled. 28 Do not do these things or I will throw you out of the land, just as I will throw out[g] the nations that live there now. 29-30 Whoever does any of these terrible deeds shall be excommunicated from this nation. So be very sure to obey my laws, and do not practice any of these horrible customs. Do not defile yourselves with the evil deeds of those living in the land where you are going. For I am Jehovah your God.”
Do you falsely believe the New Testament doesn't condemn sexual impurity and homosexual behavior?
18 But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, evil men who push away the truth from them. 19 For the truth about God is known to them instinctively;[e] God has put this knowledge in their hearts. 20 Since earliest times men have seen the earth and sky and all God made, and have known of his existence and great eternal power. So they will have no excuse when they stand before God at Judgment Day.[f]
21 Yes, they knew about him all right, but they wouldn’t admit it or worship him or even thank him for all his daily care. And after a while they began to think up silly ideas of what God was like and what he wanted them to do. The result was that their foolish minds became dark and confused. 22 Claiming themselves to be wise without God, they became utter fools instead. 23 And then, instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they took wood and stone and made idols for themselves, carving them to look like mere birds and animals and snakes and puny[g] men.
24 So God let them go ahead into every sort of sex sin, and do whatever they wanted to—yes, vile and sinful things with each other’s bodies. 25 Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe lies. So they prayed to the things God made, but wouldn’t obey the blessed God who made these things.
26 That is why God let go of them and let them do all these evil things, so that even their women turned against God’s natural plan for them and indulged in sex sin with each other. 27 And the men, instead of having normal sex relationships with women, burned with lust for each other, men doing shameful things with other men and, as a result, getting paid within their own souls with the penalty they so richly deserved.
28 So it was that when they gave God up and would not even acknowledge him, God gave them up to doing everything their evil minds could think of. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness and sin, of greed and hate, envy, murder, fighting, lying, bitterness, and gossip.
30 They were backbiters, haters of God, insolent, proud, braggarts, always thinking of new ways of sinning and continually being disobedient to their parents. 31 They tried to misunderstand,[h] broke their promises, and were heartless—without pity. 32 They were fully aware of God’s death penalty for these crimes, yet they went right ahead and did them anyway and encouraged others to do them, too.
Doesn't this sound just like a nation YOU live in? I pray you will reflect upon this, and even yet turn to God for forgiveness, salvation and true freedom. 

But, instead, you yourselves are the ones who do wrong, cheating others, even your own brothers.
9-10 Don’t you know that those doing such things have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who live immoral lives, who are idol worshipers, adulterers or homosexuals—will have no share in his Kingdom. Neither will thieves or greedy people, drunkards, slanderers, or robbers.11 There was a time when some of you were just like that but now your sins are washed away, and you are set apart for God; and he has accepted you because of what the Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of our God have done for you.
12 I can do anything I want to if Christ has not said no,[b] but some of these things aren’t good for me. ...But sexual sin is never right: our bodies were not made for that but for the Lord,  and the Lord wants to fill our bodies with himself. 14 And God is going to raise our bodies from the dead by his power just as he raised up the Lord Jesus Christ. 15 Don’t you realize that your bodies are actually parts and members of Christ? So should I take part of Christ and join him to a prostitute? Never!16 And don’t you know that if a man joins himself to a prostitute she becomes a part of him and he becomes a part of her? For God tells us in the Scripture that in his sight the two become one person. 17 But if you give yourself to the Lord, you and Christ are joined together as one person.
18 That is why I say to run from sex sin. No other sin affects the body as this one does. When you sin this sin it is against your own body. 19 Haven’t you yet learned that your body is the home of the Holy Spirit God gave you, and that he lives within you? Your own body does not belong to you. 20 For God has bought you with a great price. So use every part of your body to give glory back to God because he owns it.
All scripture here is from Bible Gateway and The Living Bible translation.  You can click the chapter headings and view the verses in any translation you desire.  For an in depth study of God's view on homosexuality and what the Bible actually says and means I submit to you this resource:  What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?


  1. I never thought about the rainbow flag that way. Great post, Barbara.

  2. I always wonder how politicians and others can say "God Bless America". I don't think God should bless America. We (collectively) have killed babies (abortion) and redefined marriage. Why should he bless such a country? He put Israel into exile, maybe he needs to do the same for America.


    1. That day will come, Betty, unless the end comes first. Our society is crumbling at a rate exceeding Rome's. All the greatest empire's crumbled more from moral decay within then any outside attack or foe.

  3. Thank you for giving me much to think about today!

  4. well we can agree to disagree.

    1. Absolutely! That's one of the things that irritate me so about our nation these days. Everyone is trying to force opinions and beliefs upon one another. Trying to scream and holler the other person into thinking their way, instead of having discussions. I suppose my main two motivations for writing this post were my disagreement with the Supreme Court not leaving legislative matters to voters and law maker anymore. And the other to state plainly for the the masses who have never read the whole Bible that God doesn't like homosexuality any more than any sin. That is why I let His Word do most of the talking.

  5. Sad day that we knew was coming. God will sort it out in the end.

    1. Yes, He will. Unfortunately many people are going to be surprised at exactly they got sorted to, how and why.

  6. Excellently said Barbara! Some friends and I were talking about the rainbow a little bit ago. You brought up a great point. This sadly reminds me of a couple of my very first AOL journal posts way back when... you were my first reader. I remember one time I wrote about America not being in the Bible, and I also talked about the courts. Nothing much has changed, but at the same time, even in such a short time America is unrecognizable.
    I am grateful God is in control- even when everything is nuts.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! I didn't realize or remember being your first reader. Does that mean I discovered you? LOL And your are right when you say, "Nothing much has changed, but at the same time, even in such a short time America is unrecognizable." My prayer on this approaching Independence Day is that the American public will turn back to God, that a true revival can begin, that God can forgive our land, heal our land and once again bless our nation.

    2. You may have been the one to discover me lol. Boy things have gone on since then haven't they?!
      I pray the same Barbara. And believe me, there are many more of us who pray it.
      God bless you sis for years of friendship and encouragement, and for always keeping His truth real and out there. <3

  7. I'm really sorry and saddened that you feel this way--that anyone still feels this way. Whatever happened to "love one another?"

    I couldn't accept a god that would punish people for expressing love for each other, no matter who their partner happens to be. People are people, and the sooner we stop putting up "us versus them" walls, the happier the world will be.

    We're coming at this from different angles--I see many people all over the world celebrating the bold move of the Supreme Court. Hundreds of thousands of people see this as a huge, positive step and a major human rights victory, not a sign that the planet is going to hell. But to each their own, I guess.

    I equate LGBTQ rights to the civil rights movement and women's suffrage. Where would we be if our schools were still segregated and women's voices still weren't heard? It hurts no one to say the LGBTQ community are free to marry whoever they like. We need more love in this world, not less.

    1. Women's suffrage and civil rights laws were enacted through the legislative process. Not mandated to the people by nine Justices. God has not changed. He's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sin is sin be it homosexual sex, adultery, murder, lying, cheating, gossiping. It is no more "hate" to say "that is a sin" then it is to tell a child "don't touch that hot stove". Both statements are to protect. If you cared to read my newest post, Discussion & Explaination, you might understand why it matters if we as a nation chose to condone sinful activity.

  8. Bless your heart, I hear you. Tolerance is one thing but I do believe it goes beyond when tyranny is involved, when a majority is 'lawfully' forced to go against beliefs and morals - let alone values - Why they can't just have their own rules, churches, clubs, businesses, etc., and leave the rest of us alone bugs the heck out of me. Apparently 'acknowledgement' wasn't enough...

    1. For me, even if it was voted into law, then it would be "oh, well, we didn't stand up for God enough or enough Christians didn't turn out to vote". Or even, perhaps, well, we truly are the minority now". My problem is with the Supreme Court forgetting their Constitutional role in our government and over-reaching.

  9. Hello Barbara.
    Many people professing to be Christian really have no idea what the Bible says. First man took God's Name out of some Bibles, replacing it with titles like "Lord" & "God" (Psalms 83:18; Leviticus 24:16). Now man has overstepped Jehovah God's command on marriage and is trying to rewrite the whole family unit God Himself put in place right from the beginning of time! (Genesis 2:18, 22, 24) Who is man but a mere speck of dust, compared to the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth? Jesus told the Pharisees they were overstepping God's command because of their tradition (Matthew 15:3, 6, 9). We see the same with man today. How true the words at Ephesians 4:19 - man has "gone past all moral sense." You are quite correct...God does not change (Malachi 3:6). Back in the early Biblical times, He detested homosexuality, adultery, murder, debauchery and everything else included in 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10). You can guarantee He still hates these acts today. Jehovah God has had to put up with these kinds of behavior for 6,000 years. I don't think he'll be patient with wayward humans for too much longer. Psalms 37:,9-11, 29 says evil men will be done away with and only righteous people will live on the earth. How I look forward to the fulfillment of that prophecy!

    I just popped over to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog recently.
    The other Barbara @ Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. Well, I appreciate it, Barbara. I believe that in all of this mess it is those that call themselves Christians but don't act like it, being bitter, hateful and mean or the ones like you said don't read the Bible or have decided to pick and choose parts to believe that upset me the most. I hurts to see God's Word despised and spurned, but what else can you expect from the world. But to see people calling themselves brother and sister, distorting it or ignoring it, that's the lowest blow and how it must grieve our Lord.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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