Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do you say, "I'm Hot!" in Russian?

What a time I have had the past 10 days!  My computer has been having a breakdown.  My system is Vista.  I think it has been going to sleep and not being able to wake up.  (Sounds like me on Saturday morning.)  Then, on top of that, a few folks at work abused the use of the computers, so now all of us are choked back and cut off.  So don't be offended if I don't respond to something you post on Facebook.  For my dial up is too meager to allow me to get there most of the time....and now I can't go there even at lunch at work.  

Just did a system restore tonight.  May turn the tide, may not.  We have a back up computer we could turn to...but I sure love my ACER with the Vista OS.

So, I finally get back to Blogger this evening and I find that most of my traffic this past week has been from Russia!  What's up with that?!  I mean, I certainly don't mind if they visit me, but I don't know what the fascination is with me.  Is it the ideals of true Freedom  
I espouse here?  Or is it the Christianity I profess?  If you are from Russia and know English, then leave me a comment and give me a clue!  

Just made a sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving dinner  for work tomorrow.  Got Thanksgiving dinner at church after services this Sunday.  Then I am to make a dressing for Bubba to take to his Thanksgiving at his job on Tuesday.  Finally we will have the actual Thanksgiving meal with the kids at Candi Girls family on Thursday.  I'll be so full of turkey I'll gobble!

Think I'll cook us a ham next weekend to cleanse our pallet.

I wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Whatever you do, and however you celebrate, don't forget to pause and truly give Him thanks for the blessings in your life.  Think you don't have any?  Well, if you are here and reading this, then you definitely have these:  life, sight, and computer access.

Here's a short list of mine:

A praying husband.
My children.
My daughter in law.
My Baby Ruth.
My health.
My sister. 
My job.
His forgiveness.

Yes, I'm abundantly blessed!  Could go on and on.  But it eventually turns too private and personal to share.

God bless!  And see ya soon.



  1. Hope you had/have a lovely thanksgiving! I know the thanksgiving dinner and Sunday dinner in the US is very similar to the one we have in the UK, and the Christmas dinner in your neck of the woods is similar to ours here.

    As for the Russians checking your blog, another blogger from the US has been getting lots of Chinese traffic?!?! I couldn't even guess as to why but it's certainly interesting. Blogging is now another way of preaching the Gospel to all corners of the globe.

    Oh you had troubles with the PC?! Join the club my dear!!! I had a few probs with my PC a while back and got it sorted... after having a number of minor heart attacks and raised blood pressure! Don't you just love technology.. when it goes belly up!!!

    I love your homespun tales and your 'downhome' stories of Bubba and Candi Girl and try to imagine you say those names in your Texas accent! Where I come from in England we also have that 'downhome' thing going on too, ordinary folk who are also extraordinary, people who may struggle sometimes but still feel blessed and grateful to God.

    Here's my blessings:

    Good health
    All my needs met
    Family and friends
    A growing relationship with the One who created me and the whole universe.

    That's a pretty good list to be going on with!

    God bless!

    1. Yes, I would say you, too, are abunduntly blessed! Aside from the computer issues. Those can drive you bonkers. May you also enjoy your time of Thanksgiving my friend.

  2. Hi Barbara, I hope you have a wonderful T-day. We always have ham and turkey because they're are a select few that won't eat one or the other, LOL. So I may have tofu next week to cleanse my pallet (kidding!). Sorry you are having woes at work and that the bad apples made it difficult for the rest. Isn't that always the way! Grrr. Happy Holidays! :-) (p.s. send me an email at and I will hook up with you on FB!)

    1. Thanks for the warm wishes Lynne! FINALLY back online at the house. I don't do a whole lot on Facebook. But would love to "catch up" with you!

  3. Just a suggestion. I am certain I speak for many people outside Texas and outside the US too when I say that it would be nice if you could go through some Texas recipes and specialities, and anything you eat from the US like sweet potato pie and ribs n rice and whatever you might like to tell folks about. I would love to know more about that wonderful food y'all eat!!! I can't get enough of 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives' you see!!!

    1. I have included a few recipes here, but I'll keep the tip in mind for future postings. Thanks.


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