Monday, April 8, 2013


So here we are on "G" day.  And what kind of mother would I be if I didn't talk to you about God?!?  First, just let me say how much it means to me, how thankful I am, that both of you know the Lord!  No mother could ask for a better joy or comfort.  And I praise and thank God for any small part I was able to play in accomplishing that in your lives!!

There you are Bubba, not even in school yet but reading out of the King James Bible.  Haltingly, not perfectly, but reading!  You started life with a mommy who was the furthest from God she had ever been.  You were playing beneath my feet as God led me back to him at the old yellow table reading devouring The Living Bible.  You started in the nursery spending your time on the floor pretending to be a hound dog.  LOL  You saw me cry, pray, delve deep in the Word to save my marriage.  You have my rational side.  You came to know God by the Word.  Even now, you know more, understand more of the intent and heart of the Word then most people twice your age.  Yet, you seemed to come to God almost like I did as a child.  Surprised to realize knowing was not enough.  Yearning to take part in communion is what brought you face to face with God.

Through the years you've hung strong to the ethics and morals of the Bible in many ways.  I'll never forget, nor never be prouder of you than when you told me we needed to not go back to the pool in Silsbee because they wouldn't let your friend Kenny in.  That doesn't mean that the old deceiver hasn't found ways to make inroads in your life as you grew and met new challenges and choices.  But He has never forsaken you, nor left you.  I'll never forget you calling us on that 4th of July weekend to say you had kicked our front door in because you knew you needed to come home.  You knew some things needed to change. 

And here you are now.  Blessed of God with a good woman.  A woman you had the extreme privilege of leading to a saving knowledge of the Lord.  I can't think of anything more beautiful.  You should both always treasure that!  And you are still improving.  Making effort to live as God would have you to. 

Now, Bug.  My precious baby Bug.  I will always believe you were a sign, a symbol, a promise of all the good God wanted to bring to this family.  Your early years were at my feet in children's church.  You helped me cut out things and get ready even before kindergarten.  Your Granny was a Godly woman and you adored her.  I remember when she passed away, your simple, pure faith.  Knowing she was with Jesus and yearning to go and be with them. 

There will never be as beautiful, nor as heart wrenching, a sight as you out in the back yard throwing a sheet of paper as high as you could, over and over.  When I asked you about it, you told me you were trying to send Granny a picture.  That you knew if you could throw it high enough, Jesus would reach down, get it and pass it on to Granny.  Too young and innocent to realize the huge chasm that separates us.  But my mama's heart just knows Jesus saw.   And made note of your faith.  And probably told Granny all about it.  And I'm sure she praised Him for you and your faith like only a good Pentecostal woman can.

You seemed to always have your heart with God.  It was your knowledge that lagged behind.  An opposite of your brother.   And you had a very special privilege that I also had...about about your same age:  to be Baptised the same day as your daddy!!  What a blessing and what a memory!

I've been in the past...about my memories of you two on your spiritual journeys.  Now, most important of all, I pass on to you what I want you to know, to hear, to believe and to ACT UPON.

Make Bible study and prayer time a part of every single day of your life.  Start NOW!  Not tomorrow, or next year.  NOW!  This world is rough and it's gonna get rougher.  Some day, I won't be here.  You need to build that deep, personal relationship with Jesus now.  So you can avoid some of the pitfalls your parents made.  So you can become the best people you are capable of being.  So He can bless and lead and direct your lives all of your days.

And on the note of one day I won't be here.  I hope it is a very long while before he takes me home.  Because I'm too caught up in what lays in store for you here.  But someday, if the natural order of things plays out, I'll be gone and y'all will still be here.  Bond together!  Lift each other up.  Encourage one another in the Lord!  For each of your strengths is the other ones weakness.  Together you are a solid that cannot be moved.  Cherish that.  Hold tight to that all your days on this earth.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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