Friday, February 15, 2013

Roller Coaster Week

This has been one roller coaster week! 

Sunday - Wonderful worship, good restful day.

Monday - A nightmare of trying to find a doctor to see Pete.  He's finally had his disability approved, but it will be next year before the Medicare starts.  He's so sick of sliding scale clinics and always seeing PA's and NP's instead of actual MD's.  He had tried one doctor here in town.  But felt he didn't listen to him.  So Monday Pete was miserable (has been for almost 3 weeks) and I was searching for another MD for him to try.  The first one couldn't see him until later in the week.  The second wouldn't take him because he doesn't accept Medicare and didn't want to be his doctor just short term.  The third, wouldn't see him because Pete doesn't have insurance yet.  The fourth didn't want to take a patient away from the one he had been seeing.  So we ended up wasting our money, our time going to an express clinic.  A lifelong friend of Pete's was rushed to the ER with symptoms of heart attack that evening.

Tuesday - Even though I had everything on my desk done when I left work on Friday, there was an avalanche waiting for me on Tuesday.  Not my co-workers fault.  They had done all they could while I was out on Monday.  Got sidetracked on the 30 Day Husband Challenge a little later that evening.  But at least my response was more temperent than it normally would have been.

Wednesday - Another hectic day at work.  Had a dear saint from church pass away.  Stop off at funeral home for viewing on way home.  Good to see my precious friend Cookie there.  And some of the ladie's family I hadn't seen in a while.  Had to pick up rolls for the meal on Thursday after the funeral and ran to the border for some tacos for our supper.  A quick run by home and then to church for business meeting.  It was a blessing!  What a joy to belong to a church were the business meetings are easy, relaxed and the Spirit has everyone in agreement.  Then home to clean up, relax just a little and go to sleep.

Thursday - Still playing catch-up at work.  On top of that, I have things to look up for Pete.  Make him an appointment for Friday with the first MD I had called on Monday.  Then, when I finally get off, I have to go by and mix in with the Valentine hordes at Wally World to get some household stuff and something sweet for my spouse.  At home I barely get stuff put away and Pete fed before my show "Person of Interest" come on.  Watch that and wash dishes in the commercials.  Do bulletin for church afterward.  Rinse off.  Fall into bed.

Friday - Overslept.  Rushed bulletin to the church.  To work.  Lots of stuff and talk going on.  Just did get the daily work I had to finish today done in time to go meet Pete at the doctors.  He listened to Pete more than anyone has in forever.  Said he had bronchitis.  Wants him to take meds, keep record of blood pressure readings, get a chest x-ray and cat scan of his head, and see an eye specialist within two weeks and then come back to see him. We did the Wally World thing again to get Pete's meds.  Got home about the time I usually do.  Thank God it is quiet this evening and I get to just feed us a hamburger for supper.

Think I got back on track fairly well with the 30 Day Husband Challenge.  Their daily suggestions don't always meld real well with what is occurring that day, but I adapt it a little and make it fit.

And as part of that challenge, let me just share with you that my husband has always been my protector and hero.  He's the only man I know who could even come close to filling those large shoes my daddy left behind.  And there is no joy like the one of having your spouse serve you Communion in church!  Or discussing with him, praying with him and choosing a gift to give the church and then going to pick it out together.  Thank you Pete!  And thank you Lord!


  1. Wow you're one busy girl. Don't overdo it and get yourself down. Hope Pete has found the right doctor at last.

  2. Thanks, Paula. I'm afraid I've already got Pete's cold. But hopefully I can prevent it turning into bronchitis on me. They say there is no rest for the wicked.

  3. You sound so busy. I hope Pete gets a result soon. Life can be harsh, but you're pulling together to support each other along the path.

    1. Some days, some weeks are like that. Others are easy as pie. Happy to report he has his cat scan & Chest x-ray tomorrow. Sees the eye specialist on March 6th.

  4. Hope you are relaxing a bit this weekend... Special thoughts for Pete and glad he got a doctor to take care of him... :)

  5. All I really did was relax, Linda. LOL Yes, I pray this doctor is one he can stick with and will help him find the answers we've been seeking so long.


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