Saturday, February 23, 2013

30 Days in 2 Ways

Hello!  Just enough time for a quick post this morning before I head over to the 4-D Ranch for the Wild Horse Ministries Demonstration.  Gospel music, good food, fellowship and this year Paul Daily will be working with our own three year old stud horse, Stanley.  Stanley is a sweetie, but he needs to learn his manners.

I'm on day thirteen of the 30 Day Husband Challenge.  It hasn't been as hard as I had imagined, but there have been moments when I've had no choice but to remain silent, because there was no positive comment I could make.  Some days the suggestions in the devotionals just don't seem to fit what is going on in our lives that day, so I have to adjust them or skip them.  Hope to go back and apply them when and where I can.  Whether it was a result of the challenge or him starting to feel a little better since his doctor visit or both, Pete had supper ready for us when I got home Thursday evening.  He hasn't cooked in some time, so it was a real treat!  Deer roast, potatoes, carrots, rice and simmer fried okra.  Yummy!

You may have noticed in my sidebar the A-Z Blogging Challenge for April 2013 logo.  I enjoyed the challenge so much last year that I want to participate once more.  For those that don't know, each day in April has a letter of the alphabet assigned to it and you write something that revolves around that letter.
Last year I chose for my loosely based theme, people and places from my life.  Made for some good entries.

This year I feel a little more reflective.  Maybe because I'm a mawmaw now.  So I've decided that my theme for this year will be things I wish to say to my children.  Memories I want to share and record for them.  Advice I want to pass to them.  Or simply to reveal to them an aspect of their mother they may not have known before.  Bubba is soon to be 24 and Bug will be 14 this summer.

In preparation for the A-Z Challenge, I cleaned up my blog roll.  I had so many blogs on there that never post any more, have gone private or that have simply disappeared.  I'm looking forward to finding a few new ones that truly interest me to follow and connect with.

Until next time, God bless and keep you.



  1. Such a nice post, so homely! I don't go to church or any Christian activities as often church life in the UK can be a bit B o R i N g, if you know what I mean! Now, if we had Gospel music and good home cooked food... hmmm, I could be persuaded! That deer roast sounded fantastic; I think we call deer venison in the UK but here it's very expensive.

    By the way, I've been following your blog for a while but didn't have it on the blogroll; that's changed now.

    1. Technically it's venison here as well. But we shoot ours. Have no idea what it costs by the time you get hunting license, gun, shells, gas to get to hunting lease, etc, etc. LOL

      We are very blessed to have a lively, loving church!!

  2. I love listening to Joyce Meyer talk about how she has trouble keeping her mouth closed when it comes to her husband... you're doing better then me... I say something to hubby instead of keeping quiet and then tell him you made me mess up lent again by nagging you, lol... you'll see on my sidebar it says: God keep one hand on my shoulder and the other over my mouth... I cleaned off the blogs on my sidebar too and have been looking for new ones... :)

    1. Oh, I can certainly tell Pete just how the cow ate the cabbage, that is why I'm doing the 30-day Challange. To train to rein myself in.

  3. Deer roast sounds wonderful. I've never tried it. I like your idea for the A - Z Challenge. I'm thinking of doing emotions this year. I must start jotting some down. It's good to be prepared.

  4. Hello. Just thought I'd stop by and give you a wave *wave* as your blog is below mine on the A to Z list.


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