Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back when we were first married...

Mik had an amusing post which he ended with this question: "have you ever went into a situation expecting one thing and something comes out of left field and your jaw drops?? "

And that brings me to this entry. Back when we were first married, Pete and I went to a party one night that is typical of the kind folks throw around here. Band or DJ set up in a swept out shop. Everyone brings their own refreshments. Lots of mingling from tail gates to the concrete shop floor.

Now my Pete has never been one for dancing, but I love to and had always danced often in my younger years. So, he turns me over to his brother and a trusted friend to dance me around and Pete goes off to talk and mingle. When I and my partners stop for a break, I go off to find a port-a-pottie. On my walk back up to the shop I see my Pete in the light by the shop door standing facing me. He's smiling and laughing. Standing directly in front of him is a short little thing with long dark hair. Hand on the hip. The other hand occasionally touching Pete on the shoulder. As I proceed towards them, I begin to think it looks like Pete is enjoying himself entirely too much with this person! And this person is acting entirely too casual with my Petie-Pete! Why doesn't she know he's married and off the market now!!! And if not, why hasn't he told her?!?!

By the time I am within a few feet of them, my jealousy and my anger are at full tilt. I access that the way they are standing my best bet is to pull her by the shoulder on the side that keeps reaching out to touch Pete, sliding past her at the same time, where I will step beside Pete, put my arm through his, give him a kiss on the cheek and then say "Sweetie, introduce me to your friend." with a sparkling smile on my face.

I approach carefully timing my steps and stride so that my fool-proof plan to stake my claim and protect my property can be carried off without a hitch. I reach up with my right hand and "gently" push this person back to one side about a step and half, at the same time stepping forward, turning and slipping my left arm through Pete's. I plant the kiss on his cheek, and turn to my gaze to face my foe.

Imagine my astonishment when I see a male face with a beard! I feel heat begin to rise to my face as I hear Pete saying "Here she is now! Barbara this is So & So..." I have no idea what name Pete stated. My ears were ringing by now. I muttered a hello and watched as he said goodnight and turned to climb into a short bed truck with huge monster tires on it.

This is how I learned what a tricky beast jealousy can be.



  1. LOL, Barbara, my jaw sure dropped on that one. I never, ever expected the outcome one bit. A good lesson to be learned for all of us from this one. Enoy your Sunday! HUGS

  2. Hahaha! Great story, and so true. I think we've all been there, and it wasn't until I got older that I learned that the best option was to show complete and utter self-confidence both in yourself and in your mate. That being said, if I saw any woman being completely out of line and flirtatious with Ken, I'd figure out a way to put a stop to it. LOL

    Great entry!

  3. What a way to learn a valuable lesson. Sorry, hon, but I laughted when I read it. Of course that's cause it wasn't me. Bless you for sharing.

  4. it is such a monster isn't it? thanks for sharing this story; had a different outcome than I thought it would


  5. That gave me a good laugh. Things arn't always what they seem.
    Jenny <><

  6. Hi Barbara...good story...did you ever tell Pete about it??? LOL..yes..jealousy will get us all in trouble from time to time!!! hugs to ya from KY...Ora

  7. Congrats on settling in your new home, its beautiful! Love, vee

    I havent transported mine yet but soon I hope.

  8. If only I could have tamed jealousy when it did me the most damage (early 30s)


  9. thats so funny...guess you love him after all...

  10. love ya Barbara!
    I hope to see you at my blog as well!
    It sounds as if you two have always been very romantic!

  11. heheheee You're funny Barbara- I was listening to CDB earlier, and for some reason, I knew you were going to say it was a guy that Pete was talking to! Heeee heee. God Bless! Carolyn

  12. LOL I know what you mean... can be such a beast and it feels good when we get past it doesn't it? I finally know I am married to a man who is loyal to me. I am thankful I do not worry as much as I did when we first married. I can think of some similar moments to this story that made me learn too. With each year I grow stronger, we grow stronger as a couple. It's a wonderful thing love is and eventually it overcomes all other things. Thanks for sharing. Great entry!! I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was gonna happen next.

  13. PS Glad I found you!!! I think I am still finding our J land friends.

  14. go check out my blog - I tagged you to do a 6 random meme - go look

  15. Great story Barb. Something I've had a chance to understand myself on occassion.

    Hey, I wrote a lil bit about you today. I hope you don't mind.

  16. Hello Barbara. What a brilliant entry. Thank goodness It wasn't an extremely ugly woman! lol. Love Pam xx

  17. Barbara
    please go give Sam a hug as he had a heart attack
    (gaboatman) (docklines).
    Please go see Jeanette(Outside-looking in) (formerly Jeanette's jottings) because she was ill and missed her cancer check up


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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