Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well,  hello!  How have you been?  Come on over here in the shade and sit down.  Want a cup of coffee? 
Did I tell you about Bubba?  He got his stencil at work the other day!!  Well, it's a big deal.  You see as a helper he has been able to weld on structures and pipes that wouldn't have product moving through them.  But the other day, after looking over some of his welds, his supervisor and one of the welders bestowed upon him his own stencil!  This means that now he can weld pipe with product or that product will move through.  See each welder must stencil his welds so that if there is any leak they know who did it.  Your stencil is your mark of quality assurance.  You're saying when you put on your stencil that you guaranteeing this weld not to leak.  It's proof he's good at the craft he is learning.  One more step toward being a real welder. 
And Bug?  Oh, she's something!  Little stinker made a 100 on her reading TAKS test!!  Took her math TAKS last week.  Judging from the work she's been bringing home I expect her to do well on it also.  She's been playing with her miniature goat, Rosabell.  And now she has a rabbit!  It's 4-6 weeks old.   White with black markings.  She's named it Pocket.  That's because the woman who raises the rabbits had found it pushed out of the nest.  When the rabbits do that they are singling them out to die.  So the lady picked it up and put it in her pocket.  Walked around with it about a day. Then placed it back in with the others and the mama took it. 
Prissy?  Well, Bug's little filly will be a year old at the end of June.  She's something else!  I need to get Bubba to make a new picture of her.  Hannah pets and rubs her all the time.  Her Dad and Uncle Ricky worked her with a rope halter/lead in the pen last week.  She did real good.  Just needs some more of that. 
Blaze, the poor mare who lost a colt about a year ago, is due to have one any time now.  I hope things go better for her.  And Pete's done bred Emmy, Prissy's mom, again.  He says these two are to sell.  I'm gonna hold him to that!  He brought the neighbors boar hog down to breed our sow.  So hopefully, we'll be piggy before long.  The hens are laying well.  Don't let me forget to fix you up a carton of eggs before you leave. 
And Pete can dig you up a mess of new potatoes too!  They are so pretty!  We have don't have anything else really coming in yet.  Although Pete did get a zucchini I'm going to cook to go with the lasagna leftovers tonight.
No, we still haven't gotten him into Galveston for that MRI yet.  Seems we can't get any help any where.  If we get that money the government is supposed to be sending, I suppose we'll send him down there with that.  He's so miserable and so tired of being miserable! 
Yes, you don't realize how blessed we are to be here until you get away from here.  I work in Beaumont.  Always the background noise.  Up here, just the breeze in the trees, birds, crickets, frogs.  I hope it stays that way a long time yet. 
Do you remember Hee Haw?   How they'd have a segment each week where they picked a town and saluted it?  Well, I am ever amazed at the many places in the world that stop by Caneyhead to visit when I check my sitemeter.  I believe I'm going to start ending each post with a salute to one of them.  
Now, tell me what's been going on around your house.  How are you and yours?  Ready for more coffee?
-  Barbara
Jakarta, Jawa Barat    Indonesia   10,274 miles from Caneyhead........SALUTE!!   
Recommended reading:  Scars of Hurt and Resentment .  From April 2005.


  1. A lot going on here that I could blog and blab on about lol but for now I am just going to read and catch up with my friends ((hugs to you)) and be quiet for awhile.. how ever long awhile may be I don't know.

    Glad things are going so well with the children and I will keep praying for Pete.  I know I am behind.. but I didn't relize Bubba was old enough to be out of school and an aprentice already.  The world will always need weldiers I think so that is a good profession to get into (i would still encourage him to get some collage or tecnical school in though).  My hubby did it for awhile but the shops he worked for were non union and not the safest.. he was always going to get his eyes flushed of durbri by urgent care.

    chat with you soon maybe?

    Much Love,

  2. Good for Bubba. I didn't know about the stencil for welding. Bug is doing well too. Feel for Pete and his problem but how are you? Cute idea to salute a different visitor to your journal each time you post. Paula

  3. Aw Bubba sounds so clever. Well done him Barbara. You must be very proud. Love Pam xx

  4. dear Barbara,
    that is great!
    Thank you so much dear friend for your supportive comment in my blog
    really! you are awesome

  5. I would love a cup of coffee (with cream and sugar please!). I'd sit down and talk about our kids... yours and mine. Mine graduates from Pharmacy school next Saturday, the 10th... day before Mother's day. He's been in school since 1997, and on Sunday the 11th he will officially be a Doctor of Pharmacy. He'll be moving to Baltimore at the beginning of June to work his first year of residency. He's the first in our family on both sides to earn a doctorate degree... did I say we were proud??? I'm tickled about Bubba's stencil... I didn't realize they did that kind of thing, and it's a passage of sorts... a sign of advancement and skill. He's a good craftsman, soon to be a full-fledged welder. Happy for Bug too. Glad to hear all is well this time of year in your home. bea

  6. Pete is in my prayers, as all of you are. Went back to read the older post and I think I needed that today. Glad about Bubba, that is good. My Tony was a welder for years, but not in some of the best shops, but some were good.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!! May the Lord be with you, I know He will.


  7. I just wanted to say thank you for reaching out, praying for me and my family, and your kindness. You are such a precious gift from GOD and I'm blessed to have you in my life even if it's only through the internet!

    God Bless

  8. Sounds like a good life at your house!  Other than allergy problems we are all well at this house!  I just got back from a ladies retreat where I had a great time being reminded of how much grace God extends to us.  We had a ton of fun!  I'll take another cup of coffee!

  9. Happy spring Barbara~  I'm glad things are going well with y'all, but I sure do hope Pete can get checked soon!!  We're doing OK here, keeping busy even with no work;-)  After years of loaderwork and heavy eqipment, Michael's feeling his aches and pains too- I told him his body's not used to not knocking around!  My girls are laying dutifully every day, so We've got plenty of eggs, so you can give my share to someone who doesnt have any.  I'll trade ya some real sweet fresh corn for a couple of Pete's taters though ;-) I miss not havinga hog, but Michael's got the trap set just in case! I wish we lived closer together, Caneyhead sounds so much like Elkins Acres!  I too love coming home away from the crazy city!  God Bless y'all. Oh- and tell Bug great job!!  Love carolyn

  10. PS- Sorry, tell Bubba great job too!! way to go~  love carolyn again :0

  11. Woo Hoo Bubba!
    and Woo Hoo Bug!
    how fun to have all the animals to play with...
    and I'm good on potatoes but I'll take some eggs, lol....
    Special thoughts for Pete...
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)

  12. geocachelinda66May 4, 2008 at 5:08 AM

    Congrats to Bubba and Bug!  How great for both of them.  Sounds like you are busy with all the critters etc...  Linda

  13. You must be so proud of Bubba and Bug, good on them!!  I loved reading about the farm life.  I never got the opportunity to live on a farm but surrounded by them when I was in my tweens.  My father had just retired from the military and we moved off based into an agricultural community for about three years.  I know what you mean by the noise factor.  It was lovely to wake up in such a serene environment.  You are very blessed!  

  14. Enjoy your week.

  15. I loved this nice, chatty entry!  And I'll take a couple dozen eggs and some new potatoes, please!!!  Congrats to Bubba.  I know how big a deal that is because Thomas has been a 1st Class Welder for 25 years now.  He is certified for just about every type of welding there is, and believe me, really good, good welders are hard to come by and are usually appreciated by their employers.  Congratulations to Hannah, too.  I'll have to send her a nice email.  I told Eler Beth about Pockets.  I think that's the perfect name for the little rabbit.  I'm glad Hannah is able to have so many neat creatures to care for.  Hope you guys get your refund soon and that Pete gets that MRI done and gets some relief for his pain.  I remember the "Salute" portion of Hee Haw, and I think that's a great idea you have.  I may just borrow it from you and do the same.  If I do, though, I'll give you the credit for the idea and link back to you.  I hope you guys have had a great weekend and have a wonderful week coming up.

  16. I sure do remember Hee Haw. Ian pokes fun cause I used to watch it all the time as a kid. ;) It was nice to sit and catch up on whats going on with you around there. Really nice. Made my morning coffee even better. :) I hope you can get some pictures in of all these new critters. :) Hugs, Kelly Have a good week.

  17. Wow what a lot of wonderful things going on over there!!!  Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week ahead!

  18. Dear Barbara,
    life is busy there I see!
    loads of hugs
    from me!


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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