Thursday, May 8, 2008

Assorted Things

Hello, all!  Blaze had her colt yesterday morning, before daybreak!  It's a girl.  Looks just like her mama; brown with black mane and tail.  Pete says he's gonna call her Precious because "Oh, she's precious!" is the first thing both Hannah and I said when we saw her.  I'll try to rope Bubba into taking a picture with his cell phone. 

Nat over at Interface is asking all AOL bloggers to post a link to thier favorite summer entry.  And that we post a link to our funniest entry.  So look them up and help her out. 

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  My children have both been blessed with good, caring teachers.  I can't remember a "bad" one.  Some were tougher, some were easier, but they all seemed to teach them well.  Of course, now only Bug has teachers.  Hers this year seem to have helped her excell to be her very best.  Hats off to Ms. Jill Powell and Ms. Laura Kelley!


May 6th-12th is also Nurse Appreciation Week.  I want to spotlight one very special nurse.  My nephew.  Anyone who has been in ICU at St. Elizabeth Hospital has most likely had some interaction with this caring, knowledgable, warm and humorous young man.  Robert Clayon Puntes.  I have often heard others speaking of their time there and when remembering this blonde haired male nurse, they had only good things to say. 

He's a real country boy.  All into the hunting and the fishing.  Two beautiful little girls for he and his wife.  I remember the day Sarah brought him home from the hospital.  Mama, Daddy and I had driven down to pick them up.  Sarah was holding him on one side of the car in the backseat.  I was against the other door and suddenly through a crack in the diaper a stream started to splatter against the door panel by me!  LOL  We all had a lot to learn about little boy babies.

He and his sister, Holly, lost their mom at way too early an age.  I remember Clay went through a time of stuttering.  The family would help him calm down and slow down when he spoke.  Finally he out grew it.  And look what he went on to become! 

I don't see any where near enough of either of them.  Their work schedules and mine.  Living on seperate sides of town.  But I'm proud of how each of them turned out.  Holly has proven to take after her mama, being smart as a whip with numbers and successful in the business world. 

So, Clay, and all the wonderful nurses I have known, I hope you know how important and appreciated you are.

Thanks to Sugar for her special effort to create a male nurse tag!




  1. Salute to all the good nurses especially your nephew. Congratulations on your new colt. Paula

  2. Have a great day

  3. Love this tribute to your nephew!  
    I want pictures of Precious!  

  4. Wonderful entry about your nephew. Nice nurses are very appreciated, especially by scaredy cats like me when I have to go to the doctor! :) I didnt know it was Teacher Appreciation Week, I will have to tell Shelby so she can appreciate me! LOL ;) I hope you can get a pictures of the new colt. Would love to see that new baby. Kelly

  5. Thank you for the comment about nurses. My mither is  a nurse and my 19 year old daughter is in school to be a nurse. Congrats on the new baby foal in your family. I remember when I had horses when I was little and seeing the birth of our foal. It was really beautiful....Christine

  6. Thank you for mentioning teacher's appreciation week.  My daughter is blessed with a wonderful teacher and Aaron's teacher started out rough but has become a Godsend.  I am thankful for them and our nurses too.  My family is blessed to have had four nurses in our family.  Congrats to Blaze and the colt.  I love the name Precioius!!!  Hugs,

  7. Congratulations to Blaze for having a Precious daughter. She will be so happy since she didn't get a chance to raise the last colt. Great tribute Clay that you made. Helen

  8. Nurses and teachers do a brilliant job. Yay for precious, welcome to the world little one. Love Pam xx

  9. I want to salute my eldest daughter who originally was posted in an ICU but has been in the ER department for about 7 years.
    I am afraid the toll of 12 hour shifts has been taken so was very thankful that we could help her not have to work quite so many shifts.
    She is such a excellent nurse and it was an interesting story when she served in the ICU years ago, a elderly patient said, "You MUST be the daughter of Loretta Miller?"  and for a long time I never knew who it was until this lady's daughter told me how well my girl had taken care of her mother.

    Our nation is so SHORT of nurses and as our population of elderly grows it will become epidemic shortages...



  10. Son3's school gave all the teachers vases and then all the students brought in flowers for teacher appreciation day...
    How very proud of your nephew!!
    and can't wait to see pictures of Precious, Congratulations!
    Happy Mother's Day!!
    Linda :)

  11. Oh, I so wish I could see that little colt. Love horses! I'm hoping you'll post a pic of Precious soon.
    Big hugs, and love too.

  12. Congratulations on the new filly!!

  13. Nice to meet you!  Sorry I didn't get to stop by sooner.  sigh... wish I had, I have two Sister-In-Laws that needed to be appreciated!

    Hope to "see" you agian soon.


  14. Ok, where's the geography trip with this entry?


  16. wonderful entry Barbara!
    great job! thanks!


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