Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lessons from the Lights


Last Friday, the corporate office got two new desks.  My ever resourceful co-worker, Naomi, finagled getting the old ones passed on to us.  Took a whole day rearranging, but we managed to get them both set up in our office.  So, I'm no longer on a folding table!  Neither is our part-time college student, Brittanny.  She has Nomi's old desk.  We look and feel more professional now.  There was only one problem.  My desk goes into a corner.  And two of the fluorescent lights in the fixture closest to my desk were out.  Made the paperwork portion of my day a little dark and difficult. 
After a little gentle nagging, I managed to get our maintenance supervisor, Gerry, to attend to my problem.  He brought a whole box of bulbs in.  I said we only need two.  He said just wait and see.  He began to gently twist loose one old bulb after another in the fixture closest to my desk.  Then he started placing in each new bulb.  One didn't come on right away.  He twisted and pushed and giggled it until it lit up.  When he was finished it was so bright and different! 
He closed the cover on the fixture.  Wow!  Even the cover looked bright and clean and white! But now the fixture nearest Nomi, looked dark and dingy in comparison, despite the fact that all of her bulbs were lit.  So, Gerry moved the step ladder over and repeated the whole process on the other fixture.  When he was finished the whole room shone brighter and whiter!  Now I saw Gerry's wisdom.  And in this whole process I realized some spiritual truths as well.
Just as Gerry knew every bulb should be changed, God knows we need to be totally made over when we come to Christ.  He doesn't just take away the "bad bulbs" of sin and darkness.  He reworks, remakes and replaces our shallower, dimmer "good bulbs" of love and charity and such with His own new brand.  If a "bulb" doesn't light up, he gently giggles it with the Holy Spirit's conviction and persuasion until it too shines forth it's brilliance.   In this way, we can truly shine, clean and new for Him to the world around us.  And in comparison, those who have not submitted to this change look dull, dingy and dirty.
Got any bad bulbs in your fixture today?  Call in the Master Maintenance Man. 


  1. What a lovely entry, simple and to the point. I'll never look at a light bulb in the same way again.
    God bless you, dear one.

  2. Really did enjoy this entry, you are truly gifted, shedding light on any subject, thank you for sharing. gg/Jackie

  3. Great entry!!!


  4. Very well written and a delightful entry.  Glad you can see at work now too.  And new desks!  No more folding table... so happy for you!  Hugs,

  5. I think i need a few of those bulbs.
    Jenny <><

  6. Glad that you got a desk and some new bulbs. That was a good comparison you made there. Helen

  7. This entry was really enlightening thanks. You are so right,  I am sure my light bulbs need changing at times, what a wonderful analogy.  

  8. HI Barbara- I really like this one.  I know I've got a few dim bulbs- and I can't wait until they're all changed for good!!!  God Bless you! LOve Carolyn :)

  9. I'm sure I need a few bulbs changed.. thanks for the reminder

  10. Wonderful entry. How did you get so talented? I changed a bulb today in my vent-a hood now I need to change one in me. paula

  11. Oh Barbara, that was wonderful and very meaningful to me.  Just what I needed today.  Going to the Master right now.  Many blessings in Christ, Penny

  12. hi!
    Thanks for coming to visit on The Porch

  13. Hey Barbara-this was quite beautiful and I thank you for sharing. My bulbs got replaced yesterday at church.....well that evening upon reflection of the message we received at service.

    God is GREAT....


  14. We have to put on that new Christlike personality.  (Ephesians 4:20-24)  I find that my bulbs need changing quite often.

  15. What a great story.  I use to be one of those people who just lit up a room when I walked into it.  Everyone loved me and loved being around me and before I would leave, the whole room would be smiling and not even know why.
    I hope and pray that the Lord will one day soon, re work my bulbs and bring them back to light.


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